Thursday, 11 November 2010

Rouge Bunny Rouge Sale on

Rouge Bunny Rouge products are on sale with 50% off on I love a sale so this was just irresistible. It's not good news for the spending ban of course as I've already put my order in. It is not the full collection but there is a nice selection of products and at half price it's a good opportunity to try the line if you haven't already.

Know What Lies Are For

I've gone for Gracious Arasari eyeshadow, Know What Lies Are For lipstick and Sketches on Water tinted moisturiser in Adansonia. I was thrilled to see the tinted moisturiser as it's normally £46 and I have read good reviews. I was very tempted by the Eye Gloss in Nymph's Tickles too.

Gracious Arasari

Sketches on Water Tinted Moisturiser

Be warned that the shipping is steep (£4.50) and it may take a month to arrive. It's useful to know in advance of filling up your basket. They will deliver to most of Europe. International delivery is £10. Here's a list of the Countries they will deliver to:

Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Faroe Islands, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland

I hope this is useful to someone. Let me know if you need pointing in the direction of good swatches. I'm always happy to enable!


  1. I saw the sale this morning and I was so excited! After filling the cart with 4 items I decided against it. I already own some RBR things and as much as I love them, they´re a luxury. I really wanted the tinted moisturiser but since international delivery is £10 it wouldn´t have been a huge bargain.

    Eagerly awaiting swatches and reviews!

  2. I saw this too and was sorely tempted but really I do have so much stuff that it is getting a bit silly. I too was tempted by the TM but have so many that it would be foolish. It is definately a range that I would like to try at some point, thanks in the main part to your helpful reviews here and at Zuneta. Jan x

  3. gigidob: Yes, they are a luxury. I stuck to items that I had previously had on my list anyway otherwise I find sales aren't such a saving. I agree, at £10 for international delivery you have to get a few things to make it worth it. It may turn out to be a Christmas present from my husband so there might be a wait for the swatches but I promise they'll appear :)

    @lipstickmama: I probably don't need more either. I have only one face with which to wear it all. I was very strict and only picked up items I had wanted to try anyway. My next mission with RBR is to get one of the blushers. I really look forward to trying the TM. I will report back of course.

    Jane x

  4. I did not know about this website so thank you for this post (even though it's another temptation!). I cannot pass up an RBR sale - I ordered 3 Gleaming Temptations lipglosses and the Tantalising Lovebird eyeshadow. I am going through more of a gloss phase at the moment and these are some of my favourite glosses.

  5. I'm really pleased it was useful, though yes it is definitely another source of temptation! I look forward to you blogging about your purchases. I hope it doesn't take too long for them to arrive. Mind you, if they arrive this time next month it will feel like an early Christmas present ;)

  6. I'm going to have to pretend I didn't hear about credit card would be in danger of receiving a right royal bashing once again!! lol I'm trying to be good and am trying to only buy Christmas presents at the moment! :(

  7. I am so so sad they won't deliver to the U.S.!! I would have ordered the Adansonia tinted moisturizer, Veiled Lyrebird, and Blameless lipgloss in a heartbeat :P

  8. Hi Ms. Wedgie! This may end up being a Christmas present from OH. Definitely avert your eyes. I'm afraid I couldn't resist it at all!

    Hi pretty addicted! If you would like to get the stuff I'm happy to help you out by taking delivery and sending on. You can email me if you want to go for it :)

    Jane x


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