Sunday, 31 October 2010

Orly Out of This World

I took part in a little USA/UK cosmetic swap with Katie from My Lips But Better. Having seen a lot of beautiful swatches of the Orly Cosmic FX nail polishes, including Katie's, I thought I would ask for a couple these as part of our swap.

I received Out of This World, Galaxy Girl and Space Cadet. All of them are as beautiful in the flesh as I'd hoped.

I hope you will forgive my nail swatches. This was the second day of wear and there is already a bit of tip wear as you will see. This always happens to me, looking after children doesn't seem to be very nail polish friendly! The polish is a purple base with lots of pink and purple sparkles. The duochrome is only really visible in the bottle but I think this polish is gorgeous all the same. In these pictures I'm wearing two coats with Seche Vite top coat. As usual you can click the image to enlarge.

I'm really looking forward to trying the other colours. I will share swatches as I wear them. I made a YouTube video when I opened my parcel which if you have a spare moment you can see here. I was rather excited as you will probably gather! I shall leave you with a photo of the goodies, I'm really looking forward to trying the Wet n' Wild palettes. Thank you again to Katie for the lovely parcel, hopefully it won't be long before your package arrives.


  1. I love those polishes! You are very lucky indeed ;o) x

  2. They are really lovely. I feel especially lucky, not only to receive this but also as I avoided getting arrested for trying to send aerosols in the post. Ooops, I should have realised they were prohibited items. Thank goodness they didn't think I was trying to do anything naughty! x

  3. I love international swaps! I always think we are missing out on so much stuff only available in the US, but we have some pretty good stuff available here too. Love the nails colours.

  4. Oooh, you gotta love the postman sometimes! :-)
    Is that the MUFE no1 or no2? I have the no1 too and like it a lot...Lucky girl, enjoy your package!
    Nina x

  5. They are fab nail colours - remind me of Special FX nails which used to be on QVC, I love the post, and getting packages, trouble is hiding them when they come!

  6. Very nice little collection you got! love the video - I like how you get as excited as me about goodies in the post!

    The swapsies thing is a brilliant idea, esp if you're trading stuff with americans cos I'd love to try loads of those Wet n Wild products :)

  7. I love beauty swaps! It's great having access to products you can get in you own country!

  8. went belting into local beautician the first time I saw these polishes only to find they had stopped doing Orly, how lucky are you they are lush?! Just watched your you tube vid and had a real blast from the past - when I was 19, which was about 200 years ago, I worked on a cruise liner in the states and bought myself Wet and Wild eye shadow from a "drugstore"!! I completely loved them, there was an iridescent pink and a lush purple, so good that 25 years (yikes!) later I still remember them - enjoy yours!

  9. @Kelsey: I think you’re right, we always think that we’re missing out but I know lots of girls in Australia, America and Canada would love to get their hands on some of the UK/European lines. We have lots of gems here too.

    @Nina: It’s number 2 I think, it’s the one that Katie reviewed for me. I have used it as a base a couple of times and I really like it. I’m still keen on the taupe one you showed me.

    @Jan: I love parcels, I don’t tend to hide them anymore and husband knows better than to ask now! I’m so sorry that your parcel is still here with me. I wrapped it up fully intending to go to the Post Office today but never made it. I promise to post it tomorrow.

    @All Made Up: Hee hee! Yes, I do get very excited. I’m quite intrigued by the WnW liners. I’ve heard really good things. I’m looking forward to giving these palettes a try.

    @TBBB: Thank you, it’s a really nice shade.

    @Beauty Addict: It’s such a good idea isn’t it? I’m always happy to be shopper for others. It’s great fun!

    @The Beautifier: Thank you, I’m really thrilled to have them.

    @Debbie: There seem to be a couple of places that you can buy online but I didn’t want to add links as I couldn’t really vouch for whether they were any good. What a shame the local place no longer stocks Orly. You know I’m going to think of you when I use these palettes now. I bet you had lots of fun working on the cruise liners. Oddly enough I knew a few people back home (W Yorks) that worked on the cruise ships.

    Jane x

  10. I love those cosmic fx colours!!
    I wish we could get MUFE here! :(
    Im a new follower, hope you get time to chack out my blog

  11. I really like this one, as well as Galaxy Girl!
    Gorgeous and unique nail polishes (I consider these the original ones, not the ones from VV or Accessorize, lol)!


  12. Hi Sam! The nail polishes are lovely. You can get MUFE from both Make Up Artist Provisions and Guru Makeup Emporium. You can actually go and browse in Guru I believe. It's not as easy as it actually being in stores though. Oh for the return of Sephora in the UK!

    Hey Tina! Galaxy Girl will be going on next. I really like these colours, as you say they're very unique (or they were ;) )!

    Jane x


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