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Winter Series: Hand Creams

It's around this time of year that my hands start to take a turn for the worse. I seem to be washing my hands constantly and I'm terrible at remembering to pop gloves on before doing the washing up, that combined with the cold and windy weather is a recipe for drying my hands out. I'm already nursing a patch of very dry skin between my little finger and ring finger on both hands. Over the past few years I've been on the hunt for the best hand cream to keep the chapped hands at bay. This is an overview of some of the ones I have at the moment and what I think of them.

Aveeno Hand Cream
This is my absolute favourite hand cream and I have re-purchased this several times. My current tube is just about finished and I'm not sure whether to buy another or try something different. I particularly like this one as stays on your hands through several washings. The washing is the biggest culprit for drying my hands out so this really stops them getting worse. It's also one of the few hand creams that will tackle the extra dry patches round my knuckles. It's also been a success for my husband who suffers with work related dermatitis on his hands. It's sinks in easily and doesn't leave my hands feeling greasy which is a big thumbs up for me.

Eve Lom Hand Cream
I have a trial size tube of this hand cream. It's useful for popping in my bag but I will that say that I don't love this one. It's ok but I find it doesn't hydrate as much as I'd like. It has a slightly odd smell to it too. At £20 for a full size tube I'm unlikely to re-purchase. It's been useful to have the trial size to try as I'm surprised by the fact that I didn't like it.

L'Occitane Fleur Cherie
I got this as a free gift with In Style Magazine. This is a new scent for L'Occitane and I have to say it is lovely. It is quite a strong scent but I don't find that the effectiveness of the cream has suffered for the scent. This spreads and sinks in nicely and leaves my hands feeling nice and soft. However, it's not rich enough to tackle the really dry patches on my knuckles. This is better for maintenance for my hands. After learning how much I like the scent, I will be investigating the rest of the range which I discovered from A Model Recommends also includes a range of cosmetics. I'm still interested to try the L'Occitane Shea Butter hand cream which receives rave reviews.

Dove Beauty Hand Cream
This is another hand cream that I've had more than once. I find it quite pleasant to use, it has a nice fragrance and it's often on offer. It's another that is good for maintenance but not repair. It can actually go a bit watery as you rub it in which is an odd sensation. It's nice but not my favourite.

Neutrogena Concentrate Norwegian Formula
I cannot get my head around why this is so popular. For me this is a barrier cream with no hydrating properties. I accept that this would protect your hands from getting chapped whilst out in harsh conditions but I need cure rather than protection most of the time. I just find this sits on my hands and never penetrates the skin.

Some of the other hand creams I'm keen to try are: The Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector, Aveda Hand Relief (possibly because the name raises a wry smile!), L'Occitane Shea Butter hand cream and Olivina Hand Cream. The Olivina Cream come recommended by Beauty Mouth and Beauty Maze so I know it must be good! Do you have any recommendations? Which is your favourite hand cream?


  1. I'm also always washing my hands, but I always keep a tub of hand cream by the sink (=

  2. I agree on Aveeno, it is absolutely brilliant.

    I have tried a few good ones actually..

    I'd reccomend Flexitol for hands (the ones that do cracked heel balm)- very good indeed!

  3. I like the L'Occitane shea butter one but one of my faves is the Origins Make A Difference one as it feels nourishing and is quite easily absorbed without greasiness (and it smells nice too).

  4. I have several tubes of the L'Occitane Cherry Blossom hand cream. I absolutely adore it !

  5. British winter absolutely tortures my already dry skin. My hands are swollen, red and *hurt* all day long, and I can't exactly wear gloves all the time. On really bad days they bleed:( My other half, being South African, swears by Camphor cream. It is effective but the smell just kills me (he adores it). I find it vital to do a kind of hand treatment twice a week - a thick layer of moisturizer, a pair of cotton gloves, leave overnight. Not terribly sexy, I'm afraid, but very good for your hands. I use raw organic shea butter, a lot cheaper and more effective than creams which call themselves "shea" and only have a small percentage of shea. I get mine from - the stuff is bloody brilliant. It is a bit hard in the tub, esp in winter, but scoop up a bit and it warm between your hands and it melts and rubs instantly. And you can use it anywhere. I ditched expensive moisturizers ages ago and have been using raw organic shea on my face and it's really improved. Oh and no more breakouts (except stress-induced breakouts heh).

  6. Thanks for the reviews Jane, you have sold me on the Aveeno so I'll pick that one up as my hands are starting to go scanky. I did have a really nice one (sample size) that was from Sisley but I think neither of us wants to go there as I am sure it has a lovely price to match!

  7. I use L'Occitane, they are small so they fit nicely in a handbag and they smell SO nice. There's one from Kanebo that I'm always tempted to buy in duty-free but it's so expensive...

  8. I can confirm that Aveeno is the best hand cream. I have gone through so many and suffer with very bad eczema on my hands that often mean sore and cracked hands. This cream is exactly as you described, I stock up on it whenever its on offer in Boots!

    KK x.

  9. I had tried the Neutrogena one too before and didn't really like it. My hands are terribly dry and cracked in winter. I will def try that Aveeno one, it sounds good! Thanks x

  10. Great crash-test!
    I 'm with you on the Neutrogena ones, they really don't seem to penetrate the skin, I too think they're overrated!
    Atm I 'm using a Dove one, love the consictency and that they feel light on the skin! I 've used Korres in the past, really liked it too!
    Have yet to try Aveeno though, guess that should be my next purchase!!!
    Really great post! :)


  11. @Gaby: I have a couple of tubes by the sink but I’m still terrible for remembering! I’m getting better though.

    @Cheeky: Thanks for the Flexitol recommendation. I’ve heard good things about the old formula heel balm. I love the Aveeno, I’m glad you like it too.

    @Meeta: I like the sound of the Origins one. I definitely want nourishing without leaving a greasy film. I’ll have to check it out.

    @Sarah: The Cherry Blossom sounds lovely, I bet it smells gorgeous!

    @PeachBellini: Thank you so much for the fab comment and also for reminding me to get some gloves. I’m going to get some from The Body Shop later :-). The raw shea sounds interesting too, it sounds similar in texture to raw coconut oil. Thanks for the link.

    @Replica: Step away from the Sisley! I cannot go getting hooked on beautiful but spendy hand creams! The Aveeno is really great stuff and saved my handy last winter. Definitely worth a purchase.

    @Café Bellini: I love the feel of the L’Occitane Fleur Cherie. I would love to try some of the others.

    @Kei Kei: I’m glad you agree too. My husband’s hands get in a terrible mess and it’s the only thing that helps. Sore, cracked hands are so painful. I’m so pleased it works for you too.

    @Nic’s Notebook: Definitely give the Aveeno a try. I think it’s great stuff dry, winter ravaged hands.

    @tina_mbc: I like the Dove ones too, the Neutrogena just doesn’t work for me at all. The Aveeno is definitely my favourite of all that I’ve tried. It’s the only one that really makes a difference. I’m going to splash out on the some gloves for treating my hands at night too.

    Thanks for all of the comments. I hope you have success with the Aveeno too, I need to see if anyone has it on offer at the moment.
    Jane x

  12. Origins Make A Difference is hands down (no pun) my favorite. I agree about the Neutrogena-it doesn't sink in and I want to wash it off, defeating the purpose. I've tried Roc with the Retin-A for repair but it didn't do much. Origins gets my vote-a little pricey ($20.) in the States, but well worth it. Soft, soothed hands but no greasy, grimey feel. I want to give it as stocking stuffers for all the girls on my Christmas list.


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