Sunday, 10 October 2010

A Spending Ban

I have reached a big decision. I am putting myself on a make up spending ban for a few weeks. After I have bought a couple of items from my wishlist of course!

The reasons for this are various. I have lots of make up already and at the moment I'm only using a fraction of it. I want to rediscover the love for some things I already own and want to challenge myself to use something different each day. Also, with Christmas coming it would be good time to save my make up budget for other things. 

I'm sure it's going to be hard to resist temptation but I've plenty of incentive and also I have lots to play with already. I'll do my very best not to become a boring blogger! A few challenge themes  and some swatch or review requests ought to keep me going. No doubt I shall have plenty to say about all collections coming out for Christmas too.

Hopefully I'll be more diligent at sticking to it this time. I do predict some cheating, I have a healthy points balance on both my Boots and Debenhams beauty card. Nothing can come between me and that Chanel Splash! Ombre d'Eau!

Feel free to share your tips for sticking to a spending ban. Or alternatively, you may want to predict exactly how long it will last! I'm off to decide on my final supper....


  1. Good luck. If the points are on your cards already then the money hs been spent. So using the points isn't really cheating.

    Which wishlist items are you going to buy ?

    Rachelle Xxx

  2. I need to inforce a spending ban, I'm trying to save!
    but I've not been doing too badly.. But it's so hard resisting temptation :)

  3. Ok. so I was umming and ahhing about a spending ban. But now you've made me want Splash! too. Damn you!

  4. I went to Illamasqua and Clinique last week. I wasn't supposed to spend any money on makeup this month... I'm supposed to be on a beauty diet! So I've decided no more spending until the beginning of December on makeup. I really need to budget until Christmas! Good luck with yours - we all need the moral support! xx

  5. @Rachelle: Thank you and I definitely like your thinking! I don’t see it as spending, more a means of continuing the important blog research! I’m not sure which bits to get from my wishlist. I think it might be a biggie though ;)

    @R May A: It is extremely hard to resist temptation. Keep up the good work!

    @Charlie: Bwahahahaa! I have a feeling that one will be taken care of by the Boots points. It looks like such a nice colour and I wanted to try an Ombre d’Eau after Get Lippie showed me them on our shopping trip.

    @TheBristolBeautyBlog: I was going to have a peek in the new Illamasqua store on Wednesday if I get time. I shall enjoy looking, even if I don’t make a purchase. I bet it will be hard to resist though! We’ll have to keep each other on the straight and narrow ;)

    Jane x

  6. Well my spending ban lasted about a month before I caved. My advice - stay away from ASOS sale! And any other sites that allow you to pay by Paypal. I usually manage to resist submitting that order if I have to go and get my card out of purse, but Paypal is just too easy. Good luck! x

  7. same here, i will play with the make up i have, trying new lip combo's and stuff like that too !!

    good luck !!!

  8. Same here, I have SO MUCH stuff it's disgusting =0/ good luck! x

  9. Stay away from Illamasqua!!! It was so hard to resist. It took 2 seconds after entering for my resolve to crumble! It was lovely though! x

  10. I wish you luck, I think the only way I'd be able to go without makeup is no internet access and taking no money/cards out with me..ever...
    You know what will happen don't you, you will be doing really well not buying anything and then one of the online sites will do a 20% off or something just to pull you back in :)
    I wonder if you will find leaving buying anything for a few weeks that what you want changes as we can often get caught up with things x

  11. The only way I was able to do this was to leave my cards at home and stay away from the shops. Lasted only a few weeks although I am back to only having one mascara. I agree about the ASOS sale - those guys do a good beauty sale that's hard to resist. I was thinking of doing this as I have spent too much recently but it's going to be hard. The upcoming Dior Collection looks so lovely.

  12. @Missy Ellie: Funnily enough, if you look back when I first start blogging, I had exactly the same problems with the sales and offers! I agree with you about ASOS and paypal. It makes it all too easy. Having said that, I always have to budget well. I don’t work and have limited spends so I have to ask myself, do I really need it or will I really love it? I looked at the ASOS sale the other day, I added things to my basket but then decided none of it was really on my list and moved on. Now, if it was 20% off at Debenhams or SpaceNK, it would be an entirely different matter! ;)

    @Lily Blue: Good luck to you too. I think having a play and setting myself challenges for looks and posts will keep me distracted for a little while. Well, I hope so!

    @Karleigh: I’m looking at new storage so I know it’s time to reign it in! Thanks for the good luck wishes. I’ll need them!

    @TheBristolBeautyBlog: I promise to try and stay strong. I bet you got some lovely stuff though.

    @Replica: That is exactly what will happen. I know that sales and offers always suck me in! I do wonder how it will alter my make up desires, I’m hoping that it will shrink the wish lists and make me more focused on what I really want. Maybe not though……..I might be considering a Kaleidoscope or the Tigers as my final spend though. Might as well go out with a bang ;)

    @Meeta: There’s never a good time to do it is there in terms of collection releases? That’s why I have said that I will get a few bits with accrued points. I absolutely know I can’t miss some releases. I do want to try and cut back though. Sales are a big weakness but as I said to Missy Ellie, I had a look at the ASOS sale and walked away. I’m hoping I might be able to resist temptation, even just for a little while.

    Jane x

  13. Good luck! I promise it isn't all too hard though once you get stuck in to your old stuff and find a heap of 'OMG WHY HAVEN'T I USED THIS IN AGES?!' products :) I'm now only letting myself spend on make-up any cash I get from eBay sales!

  14. Good luck! I just don't have the willpower to do it. With so many gorgeous limited edition make up around, I can't just pass on things. :)

  15. Go on, you can do it! Set an example for us all!
    Personally, the only way I could achieve this, would be staying off-line...but then I'd miss you all so much :-)))))

  16. Welcome to my life! That said its still possible to squeeze in the odd treat without breaking the bank. Had been thinking about an Ombre d'Eau myself til I tried them in Boots last week, just felt they were too shimmery for someone of my age, see if you were older that would be an instant save!

  17. Good luck! :) I really should do the same. It gets especially difficult around the holidays, with all of the pretty new gift sets. Must strengthen my willpower! :)

  18. @Beauty’s Bad Habit: I’m hoping if I occupy myself wearing a different lipstick/blusher/eyeshadow each day that I won’t mind. I think it’ll take me an age to go through everything anyway! I look forward to finding some neglected gems!

    @Anitacska: I agree that the limited editions and new collections make it hard to take a break. I know I has unable to resist the Liberty of London collection last time I tried to have a spending ban! Lets see how I get on this time!

    @Nina: There’s no way I can go offline. It’s too much of an addiction! I’m hoping a little treat before I start will soften the blow ;)

    @Debbie: That made me laugh! I do try and avoid anything to shimmery. I found the Ombres more sheeny than shimmery so think I can make them work. I won’t feel so bad if I get it with my advantage points anyway!

    @Makeup Magpie: Thank you! I’m hoping that lots of unsubtle Christmas present hints will stop me missing out completely ;). Lets hope my willpower is up to it!

    Jane x

  19. Good luck with the ban. I am on an involuntary one myself at the moment, due to reaching my credit card limit not self control!

    Since I discovered the wonder of beauty blogs I find it so much harder to resist new products. Just when you have convinced yourself you don't want/need/can't afford something, a lovely blogger tempts you by posting about it! Then you have the added excuse of 'I must get such and such for my blog'. Beauty blogging is definitely dangerous for the bank balance.

    Have you decided on your final item before the ban? I ordered the Chantecaille Tiger palette last week, pre-ban, but it hasn't arrived so I can't recommend it yet. The Le Metier de Beaute Le Cirque Eye Kit is going on my birthday list as it is too pretty to resist.

    To help you on your way you could try getting one of your children to pick out a beauty product at random each day from your stash, then you have to create the day's look around that item. It could mean you end up using a wider variety of things from your collection?

    Best of luck x

  20. I think it's a good idea to revisit some of things that you really like. Everyone is always so hot on the latest thing that I wonder how they enjoy what they already have. I'm looking forward to seeing your different makeup looks so bring it on!

  21. Hi Lipstick Luvvie, I love your idea about letting the children pick an item. Much more spontaneous, though I might struggle to make them let go again!

    There's always temptation from blogs but hopefully I will resist. I have decided I'm going to go for the Le Cirque palette. I'm hoping I can pick it up tomorrow, fingers crossed!

    Hey Skin Scrubs! You're right. I'm aware it's easy to fall in to the trap of just pursuing new stuff. I already have lots of wonderful make up to enjoy so a break shouldn't be a hardship. I hope.....

    Jane x


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