Friday, 8 October 2010

More Friday Fancies

This is basically an excuse for a bit of a make up ramble. I have so many things on my wishlist right now that I don't actually know where to start. I'm not a huge one for lists but I think in this case, writing it down rather than trying to organise a priority in my head, might be useful.

These are all the beautiful things catching my eye:

NARS Rajasthan eyeshadow duo
I was keen to get this several weeks ago but forgot all about it. Lipstick Rules recent post about the duo has got me hot under the colour again. It's a really pretty duo and the beige shade sounds beautiful.

 A Julie Hewett custom palette of Hues and Cheekies
I was originally looking at the Julie Hewett lipsticks after hearing great things but when I spotted the Hue in Mystere, a stunning taupe cream, I was suddenly all over the palettes!

MUFE Aqua Creme no. 15 (Taupe)
One of my lovely commenters Nina/Inthesweetshop mentioned this shade after Katie's guest review. She was kind enough to take some photos for me and it looks beautiful. Definitely my sort of shade!

OPI Burlesque collection
Sarah from London Beauty Review  was wearing one of these polishes at the MAC event. I was really taken  with it and now I'm very tempted to buy one of these glittery polishes.

Chantecaille Tigers palette
After reading Replica from Visionary Beauty's post with photos of this palette, I'm very keen to see this in person. I think it looks even more beautiful once the overspray is gone. It's an extremely spendy price though and would wipe out the cosmetics budget very swiftly. I can't get it out of my head though!

Another Make Up Forever item. I have been admiring the swatches for these since their release. I do have a bit of a blusher problem it seems, I don't need more, I just want more and these look beautiful.

MAC Shale eyeshadow
This eyeshadow has been mentioned in the comments of my giveaway post. I had wanted to try it a while ago but then forgot all about it. I think it's a very 'me' sort of colour. I also keep looking at Copperplate and wondering if I should get it.

Illamasqua Art of Darkness collection
I mentioned in my Art of Darkness post that there were a few things catching my eye. Alluvium pigment and Superior Liquid Metal immediately spring to mind. They're not my usual colours but it's always nice to go for something a bit different and the jewel tones are just stunning.

Rouge Bunny Rouge
I always have a huge RBR list, so it's almost a post in itself. I keep looking at the blushers, both Gracilis and Delicata look like they would be ideal colours for me. The Devotion Ink in Tiger Essence keeps cropping up and now new eye kohl shade in Vera is tickling my fancy.

Burberry Cosmetics
I've wanted to try these for a while, I've no doubt that I will love the lipsticks and eyeshadows but I would like to get it in person rather pay a massive delivery charge. One of these days, I will make it in to Harrods for a look.

So, as you can see, the list is epic. There's no way I can get everything so I have to bite the bullet and choose one or two things. What would you go for? Do you have similarly enormous lists or am I just a greedy beauty blogger with eyes too big for my bank balance?


  1. Hey, I'm definately loving the look of the opi burlesque range. Think I'll be picking one of these up at some point.

    Chantecaille products are beautiful but I just couldn't justify the price of some eyeshadows and I wouldn't want to use them and spoil the tiger image hehe!


  2. I could have written this post myself lol...
    I was doing exactly the same thing not an hour ago, making a long list for tomorrow's foray into Selfridges. Le Metier's launch was used as an excuse. It started with jotting down a few "basics" that I "absolutely" need from them, and somehow the whole thing escalated to two pages including everything from Chanel to Suqqu via T. McEvoy!
    And I haven't even started planning the Harrod's expedition :-)))
    Have a great weekend Jane!

  3. Hi Real Girls Beauty! Thank you for visiting and following :). I think the OPI polishes look lovely. I know a lot of people have said that it would be a shame to spoil the Chantecaille palette by using it. I think I’m a bit of an oddity in that I wouldn’t mind. Replica showed pictures of the palette after it had been used a bit and it really demonstrated to me how beautiful the colours are underneath the overspray. I really want to get it but the price is a huge leap for me. I’m hoping that SpaceNK will do another of the N.dulge nights with 15% off so that I can take the edge of it!

    Hi Nina! I hope you have a lovely (and successful) day shopping. Make sure you come back and tell me what you got! Of course, you have reminded me that a Kaleidoscope has been on the list forever. I particularly like the look of the one from this collection. I’m lusting after the Ombre d’Eau from the Chanel Holiday collection already. It’s the taupe factor of course! I look forward to hearing how you get on.

    Jane x

  4. Shale is one of my favourite eyeshadows, I think it's one of those shades that flatters most tones. The new Illamasqua collection is gorgeous - the new liquid metals are a lot better texture then the earlier ones. I got the maroon/red one (Resolute) and the Scarab nail polish and the Abyss Precision Ink.
    I love lists (sounds a bit sad) but when there are so many products out there it's good for keeping track of items I want to check out.

  5. Loving the nail colours - thank you ! Have a great weekend

  6. I was so mesmerised by the sparkles in those nail polishes that I nearly forgot what...I...was..... *shakes head* side tracked again there! lol They're gorgous! I spent years not wearing glittery stuff but it's definitely making a comeback in the Wedgie house! :)

  7. I need to do my review of Rajasthan soon, I do really like it but don't love it. I'm sure I have MAC shale and am just meh on it.
    I think if one of those N.dulge nights comes up they getting the Chantecaille is a good idea, I just can't say anything bad about it but the price.
    I REALLY want to get the Metier fall eye Kaleidoscope, I keep checking on selfridges to see if they add it! I also think I want the Chanel quad and liquid shadow from the holiday collection when that comes out November x

  8. I have been thinking of posting a wish list on my blog as well! I'll be visiting London soon and I want sooo many things. I am deffinitely getting the Rajasthan duo and Rouge Bunny Rouge products are always on my wishlist, especially their eyeshadows and lipsticks. And then I'll like to get some OPI polishes, the Bobbi Brown holiday palettes are looking gorgeous as well. I can see that writing a list would probably be the best thing to do :)

  9. I have left a REALLY long comment at Replica's, relating all about today's mission, no, seriously, it's a very long comment, get it hot off the presses!
    Oh, that Ombre d'Eau that we are BOTH lusting after is apparently out on the 5th of November (and so are those yummy new Glossimers hehehe)
    Have a wonderful Sunday Jane!

  10. @Meeta: I know what you mean about lists but it really does help keep in mind the things that you want to look at. I’ve seen swatches for Scarab and it look beautiful. You’re really tempting me with the sound of the liquid metals too.

    @Ballet News: I hope you’re having a good weekend. Glad you enjoyed the OPI colours.

    @Ms. Wedgie: I haven’t had any sparkly polish for years and suddenly I’m experiencing a huge lemming for them. The Burlesque polishes look beeooutiful!

    @Replica: That’s good to know about Rajasthan. As I’m only going to get a couple of things before I go on a ban, I’d rather go for the stunners. Hmmmmm, Kaleidoscope or Tigers? Shh.… not tell my husband! I want Splash! too from the Chanel collection. What can I say, it’s taupe and therefore irresistible!

    @Klara: Yes, writing a lists is a really good plan. When I go shopping, I usually take a list otherwise I get distracted or completely forget what I want to look at. I agree with you about Rouge Bunny Rouge. I love the eyeshadows and Irreverence is my absolute favourite lipstick. I think I would enjoy reading your wishlist J

    @Nina: I saw your comment on Replica’s post. It sounds like you had a fabulous shopping trip! Thanks for the release date for Splash, a handy date to remember too ;). I hope you’re having a relaxing Sunday x

    Thanks for all of your comments,
    Jane x

  11. I totally agree about the massive Rouge Bunny Rouge list. I have been fighting the urge to make another purchase, but I have to be realistic! I haven't even reviewed my last purchases yet :P

    I bought the RBR blush in Delicata and I like it. It shows up as a soft nude-rose on me, and the texture is very smooth. When it's on the skin, it doesn't have the look of a powder to me. Very "lit-from-within." It's great for daytime, and then for evenings I have been using it as a contour shade. I saw your comment on my RBR haul post too, so I will be sure to review Delicata first :)

    I am also eyeing Burberry, particularly the lipsticks. I have a feeling it won't be long until I try one. With the holidays and bunch of other things coming up though, I might have to put it off til January.

    Also love the OPI nail polishes! So pretty. Traditionally I have stayed away from glitter but there have just been so many gorgeous ones this year.

    Probably what I would do to help me choose which items I want the most is focus on the limited edition products I want for now, and then maybe put the others off til later. The trick is eventually getting to the permanent items and not always pushing them back for the LE ones ;)

  12. @pretty addicted: Thanks for your comment. I'd love to hear more of your thoughts on Delicata. It sounds beautiful. You're right about going for the LE first but I do have a habit of not getting round to getting the permanent items that I've wanted for ages. I'm going to have to pick something lovely though to see me through the shopping ban!
    Jane x


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