Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Essie Demure Vixen

I admired this nail polish over the Summer. I put it to the back of my mind but was thrilled when I spotted it on Sarah from I Heart Cosmetics blog sale. I snapped it up immediately.

Demure Vixen was released as part of Essie's Summer collection. It is a beautiful, dusky mauve (not to be confused with new Barry M polish of the same name, which I think of as too dark to be mauve). It has a real interesting pink and blue pearl-like iridescence which hopefully you can see in photos of the bottle. It is visible on the nail but it's subtle. It's quite a sheer polish, you can still see the visible nail line. I don't mind this but I know it bothers some people. I may add an extra coat next time to see how that looks.

I'm really pleased with this polish. Many thanks Sarah, you'll be pleased to know it has a loving new home. You can still buy Demure Vixen from Essie stockist such as HQHair, Lookfantastic and BeautyBay.com.


  1. This is such a beautiful colour :) x

  2. Love the colour of this but can't say I love sheer nailpolishes, there is something about still being able to see my nails underneath that annoys me.
    So would be good to see if it was buildable as it is a lovely shade.

    Fee x

  3. How bizarre, I ordered the set of all the fall Essie colours from Zuneta recently but they didn't have one of the shades in stock and Demure Vixen is the one I asked for as my replacement, haven't even tried it yet but can see I am going to like it from your review/pictures, see what great taste we have :)

  4. I love this shade! I went for a manicure about 6 weeks ago and the girl recommended it. I figured it would be worth a try and it's absolutely lovely :)

  5. That is beautiful...May have to go & buy!!!

  6. such a gorgeous subtle colour for the daytime!

  7. Hi Sherrie! I really like this colour. I like mauve almost as much as I like taupe so this is a very 'me' colour!

    Hello Fee, I will try it again with 3 coats and either update this post or add another to show you how it looks. I did spot some lovely nail swatches with 3 coats here. It definitely looks more opaque in these pictures.

    Hey Replica! We both have marvellous taste of course. I look forward to hearing how you get on with the Essie haul. I'd completely forgotten that Zuneta stocked Essie.

    Hi All Made Up! It's a really nice colour. I'm pleased to hear you like it too.

    Hello Michelle, I'm so pleased that I got it in Sarah's blog sale. It's a really pretty colour.

    Hi Get Gawjus! I think it's a real nice, daytime appropriate colour.

    Thanks for your comments,
    Jane x

  8. This is a really nice neutral! I own a mini bottle of this and I liked the formulation. I found that it was pretty easy to apply. :)

  9. Very Pretty Colour, Im always put off buying Essie polishes after using 'punchy pink' it was just awful! May have to give them another go! :)

  10. I love this polish too, it's gorgeous x

  11. @Arianne: I agree, it’s definitely easy to apply. I love mini polishes, it makes me feel less guilty. Was it a gift set of all of the Summer collection?

    @xDiamondsandPearlsx: I don’t have much experience of Essie so I’m not sure how variable the consistency is. I was really happy with the application of this colour though.

    @Charlie: You started my lemming for this one!

    @Stavroula: Thanks honey x

    @Bella Queen: I like it. I’ve worn it a couple of times since I got it.

    Jane x


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