Thursday, 7 October 2010

Lancome Teint Miracle Review

I really liked the 7 day sample of Lancome's Teint Miracle foundation and I was kindly sent a full size bottle to try. I've been using it for at least a month now and thought it was time to share my thoughts.

Firstly, I really like the bottle and the smell of this foundation. These aren't deal breakers with a product but just a nice bonus. The glass bottle has a nice pump, I find easy to hold and dispense. I tend to use one to two pumps depending on the amount of coverage that I want and the pump means less mess and wastage. The scent is a fresh watermelon smell. I find it pleasing and not at all over-powering. I suppose if you don't like scented products you may not like this but it's not a really perfumed smell and it's more pleasant than some of the strong emulsion smells that you can get with some cheaper foundations.

On to the product itself. This is a light reflecting formula and I find it to be a light to medium coverage. I find it very easy to apply, as I've mentioned before I always apply foundation with my fingers. I don't get any streaking, it blends quickly and easily and looks very natural. Although it doesn't move around once applied it doesn't really set either. It's a buildable forumla and when Oxford Jasmine did my makeover, she was able to successfully use it as a concealer to cover my blemishes.

I find it even my skins tone without very obviously looking like foundation. The only downsides for me are that my skin can feel a little greasy around my T-zone when wearing this. I think this is a factor of the hydrating formula. On my skin it would benefit from a little powdering or blotting however, as I'm inherently lazy this never happens. I'm lucky enough to get a face on these days so touching up and extras are a rare luxury!

I'm using shade 2, this is a touch pink for my skin though not so much that it is unwearable (for reference, I'm NC20 in a MAC foundation). I will definitely be using this up, I have a feeling I will try something else when I have finished this bottle but I would happily purchase again in the future. If you are interested in trying this foundation, I believe you can still get the 7 day trial sample that I mentioned here. I would highly recommend this, it's always great to try a foundation before you buy and the sample more than covers the 7 days.

Lancome Teint Miracle costs £25 for 30ml and is available from all Lancome counters as well as online from Boots, Debenhams and Selfridges websites.

This sample was provided without cost for review purposes.


  1. Great review, really interesting to see what you thought of it. x

  2. it was interesting !!!! i didn't know this foundation at all !!!

    thank you !

  3. I must have visited about 8 Lancome counters looking for the lightest shade to do their 7 day trial but they were out everywhere :( So disappointing as it looks amazing even in the bottle!

  4. Thanks for the comprehensive review Jane.
    I'd been waiting to read more about this foundation, but it seems it might not be suitable for my skin that has the tendency to get oily during the day...packaging is lovely though!
    Nina x

  5. fantastic review (as always!) I've been considering this since it was released as a friend in work started wearing it and it's gorgeous on but I have so many foundations at the min I havent been able to bring myself to splash out on it :)

    I find the lancome foundations usually give really natural coverage but dont last very long. How did this hold up throughout the day?

  6. I keep seeing this and it looks so lovely, sadly my face is oily and I need heavier coverage, otherwise I'd be all over this!

  7. @Sparklz and Shine: Thanks, I hope it’s a helpful review.

    @Lily Blue: Thank you! It’s definitely worth a look. It’s been a while since I’ve had a Lancome foundation and it’s nice to be tempted back. I wonder if there are any similar sample offers running in France?

    @Kat O: What a shame, I know it says it’s subject to availability but that is so disappointing. I know Sparklz and Shine had problems getting hold of one of the lighter shades. I wonder if it’s because it’s a popular shade that it had run out?

    @Nina: The packaging is lovely and much less messy than lots of foundation bottles. I think if you had an application at the counter, you would soon know if it wasn’t going to suit. I don’t consider my skin to be particularly oily but I do feel sometimes that my chin and forehead is more ‘glowy’ than I like.

    @All Made Up: Thank you, I’m really pleased it was a useful review. I haven’t had any problems with staying power, I’m sure it would be better if I powdered too. It is a very nice finish and doesn’t feel heavy. I like the speed of application too (very similar to a tinted foundation). I know what you mean about having other foundations though. It should still be the waiting for you though when you have space for a new addition ;)

    @Missy Ellie: It is a very nice foundation, very natural looking. I think you could make it work by adding concealer were you felt you needed more coverage but that is quite time consuming. What foundation do you normally wear (sorry for the nosy question)?

    Thank you for all the comments, I hope the review was helpful,
    Jane x

  8. I printed off the voucher and popped along to my Lancome counter and the consultant matched me up to shade 2 aswell. For me its the perfect shade and the foundation glides onto the skin and gives a nice coverage for me personally and I would buy this. :) However I really want to be matched up for Mac face & body as i have heard lots about it, have you tried it? x

  9. Hi Sherrie! I haven't tried face & body. I really want to get a match so that I can try this too, I've heard so many good things. If you do get it, please let me know what you think x

  10. I love this foundation, I am an O1!! but I like to warm up with a bit of bronzer (and I am talking about a teeny tiny bit), my bronzers last an age.

  11. Thanks Silverstargirl, I hope it was useful.

    Hi Bettina! It's a very nice foundation. I've tried a few more bits from the Miracle range. The concealer and the highlighter are both lovely.

    Jane x

  12. what is the number of this foundation im a NC20 either! x


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