Saturday, 30 October 2010

L'Wren Scott Collection for Lancôme

I had the great pleasure to meet Aaron de Mey yesterday, Global Make up Director for Lancôme. He was in town to promote the current collection, a collaboration with L'Wren Scott which I believe is already on counter.

There were only six of us there so it was a tremendous privilege and we had the opportunity to probe Aaron for make up tips and tricks. I love Aaron's approach to make up, he's not a fan of foundation and prefers to use concealer to maintain the natural contours and highlights of the face. I love make up which enhances natural features rather than creating a mask, so I really appreciate this ethos. I sense that Aaron likes to play with make up; using a lip balm to create an eye gloss or highlight the face, a clear mascara to tame the brows or using a lipstick as a blusher. He also introduced me to a few  products from Lancôme's range that I hadn't come across: Teint Miracle concealer, La Touche Pro concealer and Eclat Miracle. The Eclat Miracle (or Liquid Mirror) uses the same light reflecting particles that are in the Teint Miracle foundation and it is the most beautiful highlighter, it's such a refined pearl glow. Being a concealer obsessive, I'm really keen to give La Touche Pro a test drive, it has a lovely texture and coverage. I'd love to see if these products could take me back to my no foundation days of the summer. Anyway, I digress..

I was really interested to hear how Aaron enjoys working with L'Wren on make up looks for her shows. He describes her as one of very few of friends that actually wears make up and that she loves to have a new and unique item especially for her collections. One of the gems of this collaboration, the steel grey nail polish (Le Gris), was developed for L'Wren's collection last year. It was a perfect match for a dress that formed part of the collection. It is a stunning colour, I can easily see this being a best seller.

The eyeshadow quad that L'Wren designed for the collection begs a smoky eye. It would have been rude not to ask Aaron's favourite way to achieve it. Aaron described his love for the more edgy looks as well as the more sophisiticated.  His basis for all good smoky looks is to start with a favourite eye pencil and layer. He likes to use a balm to turn the shadow or pencil in to a gloss to create a less structured, more "fashion" look.  He also explained that it pays to do the eye make up first rather than after foundation, to allow for clean up afterwards. He described how to use concealer to blend the edges and to apply as a triangle underneath the eye as this is an area prone to natural darkness.

We all received an eyeshadow quad signed by Aaron and of course being a diligent beauty blogger, today I had a go at putting some of his inspiring tips in to practice. Post to come of course, along with swatches of the palette. For now I shall leave you with a picture of Aaron and myself. Do please excuse the fact that I look like a chipmunk with Dame Edna's glasses on. It's definitely not my finest hour! Even the gorgeous Ruth had a slight wardrobe malfunction during this photo session, so I will console myself with the fact that it happens to even the best of them.


  1. The palette, you and Aaron...are just stunning. So jealous! Glad to hear you had such a lovely time.

    Really looking forward to swatches and tips!

    Chrissy xx

  2. You lucky!!The palette looks gorgeous and you even more!!
    Thanks for sharring!!

  3. Not knowing who L'ren Scott is when i saw Ruths post I thought she was posing with her, not Aaron. Oops =0/


  4. This looks like it was a lot of fun. The quad looks lovely, I'm very jealous.

  5. What are you on about you look radiant! Are you going to do a tutorial on the glossy eye for us? Pleeease x

  6. @ChrissyDee: Thank you! It was a great afternoon. I had more excitement on that jaunt to London. Lots more exciting things to share this week! ;)

    @Blushingloves: I feel so lucky to have been able to attend. It’s always amazing to get help on techniques and advice from fabulous make up artists. Glad you enjoyed the post x

    @Karleigh: Hee hee! You should google L’Wren, she is stunning!

    @Kelsey: It was a lot of fun! Hopefully you will enjoy the swatches and look post for the quad too.

    @Skin Scrubs: I think I look less radiant, more hot and sweaty! It was so hot in there! It was great fun though. I promise to try a glossy eye tutorial. I wore colours from the palette yesterday for a Halloween party, it makes a great smoky eye. I went for a more grungy than sophisticated look and it was perfect!

    Glad you enjoyed the post,
    Jane x

  7. Great post and pics, your skin looks amazing, really glowy and healthy. Can't wait for the next installments. Jan x

  8. You do not look like a Chipmunk!! You look beautiful. The palette looks very nice too. Looking forward to the next post... x

  9. Thanks Jan, I was wearing Teint Miracle for the occasion ;). I was partly glowing from the heat in Selfridges though! I'll have the next installment up soon I hope.

    Aww Leanne, I was really looking forward to hanging out with Alvin, Simon and Theodore! ;P


  10. I'd LOVE to have a signed makeup by Aaron, I like him a lot :)

  11. Marina, it was fantastic to meet him. We spent the time asking lots of questions and getting experts tips. I really love his style of makeup and having been a fan of Lancome for years it was a real treat. The other really thrilling bit of the day for me was meeting Alessandra Steinherr, I have an amazing picture of Alessandra and Aaron to together which I really treasure.
    Jane x


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