Friday, 22 October 2010

I'm Making Trax..

Sorry for the title, I just can't help myself! I was inspired to pull out the plums and purples after watching a Pixiwoo video using the Elizabeth Arden Velvet Plumtone palette. I'm so tempted by the colours in this quad but as I already have loads of similar colours and of course I'm on a spending ban, it was good to remind myself what I already own!

On my eyes I used:
MAC Brule all over the eye to prime
MAC Mink Pink on the mobile lid
MAC Trax in the crease
MAC Phloof! brow highlight and inner corner
Rouge Bunny Rouge Delilah eye kohl on lower lash line
Rouge Bunny Rouge Raven Gaze lacquer liner
MAC Zoomlash mascara

MAC Patisserie lipstick (my giveaway win from the gorgeous Zara at Just a Bowl of Mouldy Fruit).

Bourjois Health Mix Foundation in Vanille
Benefit Erase Paste in Fair
Brow powder from HD Brows palette (which I will review soon)
MAC Northern Lights MSF as a blusher

I was reluctant to show the full face shot as I wasn't 100% happy with how it turned out. It's probably just as useful to share though to see how it all works (or doesn't work) together. I think I need a coloured primer to get the more out of the eyeshadows. I also think a stronger lipcolour or blusher shade would have brought this look together a little better. The colours are all too samey on the face and I think a bit of contrast would have worked. I may well experiment later.

I am still very pleased with the lacquer liner. I really like lining my eyes with this pen. I was also pleasantly surprised by the Zoomlash. I was given this at the MAC event. I've never used a MAC mascara before and had heard quite mixed reviews. Whilst it does smudge more than my favourite Hourglass mascara, it does give more dramatic lashes which makes a nice change.

The spending ban is still going well. Well, apart from the fact that I'm thinking about getting the Louise Young LY38 crease brush. I've been interested in this one for a while, it's not make up though really is it......


  1. I'm also loving plums and purples at the moment, especially on lips and cheeks. So autumnal. Not ventured onto eyes yet but might have a go after reading your post. Well done with the spending ban X

  2. it looks beautiful !!!

    i rarely wear plums cause i always have red eyes, and because most of plum colors are red-based, it makes me look sick -_-''

    courage for your spending ban !

  3. I do love that lipstick, very nice on you!

  4. Some more great inspiration - I credit your blog and pics for getting me back into eyeshadow, looking at how nice yours looked and it wasn't 30 different shades all applied as if by a professional make-up artist, you made it seem achievable!

  5. @Lipstick Luvvie: I have a real thing about purple in all forms. I have so many eyeshadows in various shades of purple, lilac, plum etc. that I need to be inspired to use them more often. It’s really nice to go see what’s actually in the box! You’ve have actually inspired me to do a plum lip tomorrow :)

    @Lily Blue: Thank you! I know what you mean, there are certain shades which I tend to avoid on my eyes. Anything bordering on a proper burgundy is no go for me. Thanks for the good luck wishes x

    @Cheeky Beauty: Thank you. It’s a really nice lipstick, I’m very pleased I chose this one.

    @Debbie: I love reading comments like this. It makes it feel really worthwhile, even when I feel a bit silly posting my pictures! The pictures are useful to me too though as I can see how I need to improve my application. I know I need to bring the shadows up a bit higher from the crease. I think even one colour can look very nice on the eyes, for me lots of different shades just aren’t practical. I always have an enthusiastic (and slightly too hands on) audience whilst I’m getting ready. Time is always of the essence! I really look forward to seeing more eye of the day posts from you. By the way, you inspired me to have a look at the MUA eyeshadows in my local Superdrug. They have some really fantastic colours in their range.

    Thanks for all of your lovely comments.
    Jane x

  6. I think it works nicely, I wanted that exact EA quad after seeing that video as well! even went and touched it in Boots but couldn't bring myself to buy it, just really never liked the EA image, of course you know if they do some gift event I might be swayed :)
    I still have that Louise Young site bookmarked, I keep saying that when I have some spare money I'll order a seletion, we will see who caves first!

  7. Another gorgeous look from you! Liking the autumnal feel and plum shades really suit you. Lippie is lovely too. LY brush is NOT makeup, its a tool! But I am in no way encouraging you missy x

  8. Love that lipstick colour on you! x

  9. @Replica: It looked really nice but I know exactly what you mean. To my knowledge I've never bought any EA. I always manage to talk myself out of it. In actual fact, re-watching I think the Hourglass duo with the plummy tones is similar enough for the look Sam did.

    I really ought to just get the brush as I've been thinking about it for over a year now, lol! Surely a make up spending ban is the ideal time? ;P

    @LeanneOCD: Thank you sweetie. I really do like these sorts of colours. Trax is quite a versatile one shade and can look more bronze or plum depending on what you pair it with. I might have to do a smoky eye with it sometime soon. Don't worry about encouraging me, I'm naughty all on my own! Makeup Savvy told me I shouldn't do it, she's very sensible. I'm still sorely tempted though!

    @Eyelining: Thanks, I really like this lipstick. It feels nice on too with it being a Lustre finish.

    Jane x

  10. Okay you are going to think I'm a bit nuts and this comment goes off on a tagent so bear with me. Do you watch True Blood? I saw a makeup look last nite on TB that would look so good with your cupid bow lips and arched eyebrows. It was a 1920's flapper look and I immediately thought of you. If I find a picture of I'll send it over! x

  11. Ooh I love this look Jane! I would perhaps take the crease color up a bit higher so it shows when your eyes are open... I struggle with the same thing since I have hooded eyes. It looks so dramatic and then I open them and it's all gone into the crease, so frustrating! But I love the pink/purple combo and I think I should try it soon :D

  12. Hi Annabella! I don't think you're nuts but I have to admit I don't watch True Blood. I keep meaning to have a look. I know the styling you mean though, similar to the Berlin collection images Illamasqua did? I'll have to give it a try when I have some "play time" x

    Hi Katie, I know exactly what you mean about taking it higher. I think I was saying to Debbie above, when I looked at the pictures I could see I hadn't taken the colour high enough. I seem to make this mistake quite often! In the mirror it isn't so obvious. I actually find the pictures very helpful for making improvements myself. As you say, it's frustrating making an effort only for it to be invisible when your eyes are closed!

    Jane x

  13. I found a blog that does TB tutorials and mentions the look I was on about. It's quite vampy from your usual day look but I think it would be wicked on you!

  14. This makes me want to raid your makeup collection - you have such good taste! :)

  15. Thanks Annabella, I shall take a look. I like the sound of it from your description. I have a Halloween party to go to next week and whilst I'm not dressing up, it would be fun to try something a little more vampy!

    Hi Dempeaux! Thank you so much for the lovely compliment. I might take some pictures of my collection later after the big sort out. I let you have a virtual tour!

    Jane x


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