Friday, 15 October 2010

It's Suqqu EX-07 Possums

As promised, I have been trying to use different products from my collection each day. I thought I'd share today's look with you. It's rather basic as I didn't get much time to get ready before school. At least I wasn't totally bare-faced though which is something.

Healthy Mix, Rude Blush, EX-07 quad and Possum Nosed Pink

Today I pulled out my Suqqu EX-07 eye blend from the lilac allure anniversary set. I do use this quite often but tend to use the darker colour the most. I also picked out Illamasqua Rude Blush which I haven't used since the Summer and MAC Possum Nosed Pink lipglass. This lipgloss is a rare wear for me, it's a pretty colour but gets often gets ignored as I wear more muted colours. The coral colours are a bit of an odd choice for a cold autumn day but never mind. Rules are made to be broken!

This is how it looks on. On my eyes I just have the golden taupe colour on my mobile lid. I would have prefered to add some liner but I didn't have time. I'm also wearing my usual Shu Uemura brow pencil and Lash Stiletto mascara.

Golden Taupe from EX-07

Possum Nosed Pink

This isn't the best full face shot but it was the best of a bad bunch! Hopefully it gives you an idea of the overall look. I think the gloss and the blusher look nice together but I think the eyeshadow doesn't really fit with the pinky-corals. Those are the perils of pulling things out at random though!

What are you wearing today? Are you good at rotating your choices or do you tend to wear the same things over and over again? I hope you're all having a lovely Friday.


  1. How did you find Healthy Mix hun?


  2. I like it. Thanks for the help choosing it! x

  3. I think you look very fresh faced and pretty :) That taupe is gorgeous (NEVER thought I'd see myself drawn to neutrals!) I'll wear the same everyday look for about 5 days, get bored and switch the products around. Always quite neutral, though!

  4. I'm working from home today so I'm in my ratty clothes and nicely wrapped up in a fluffy gown (it's COLD), but reading all the beauty blogs really made me feel super ratty so... I put on some lip gloss. Possibly, I'm going bonkers but I do feel a bit better:)

  5. What did you think of the bourjois foundation..nearly bought it the other day!! i had a sample and tried that and loved it!!

  6. Ooh, thank you for reminding me I haven't used this particular Suqqu quad for months...must dig it up pronto! And, I beg to differ: I think the whole look is very prettily put together and the result, as someone said above, is very fresh, young and radiant indeed (and I just LOVE that lipgloss on you!).
    I tend to pick a "wardrobe" for the week and stick to it so as to not have to make any decisions first thing in the morning -never a good thing for me lol. Still, after a while, things just tend to get forgotten I'm afraid...until a nice post reminds me of the goodies in my stash :-)

  7. Love the eye makeup, very pretty colours.
    I love the look of the healthy mix - i'm tempted to try this out. Like you, I fancy something a bit more satin-finished for Autumn/Winter.
    What shade are you in the healthy mix?
    I'm NC20 in MAC and not sure what shade to try in healthy mix xxx

  8. HEalthy Mix is a lovely foundation and it really suits you. It's a subtle but radiant finish that works for any time! I gave mine to my sister as it's a perfect match for her skin tone, but they are bit to pink for me. Love the eye make up, a lovely silvery taupe :)

  9. I really like the whole look on you Jane. I try to change over the makeup I am going to use nearly every day as I think I have too much stuff (I'll admit it!) so things just don't get used if I don't rotate, although I do sometimes get stuck when I buy something I really like and use it again and again. I saw som new organic foundation/concealer from Bourjois in Boots today, you heard anything about it ? x

  10. @Thank you :). I’m really pleased I pulled out this quad and used the colour in a different way. I often feel like wearing the same thing for a few days but then the guilt sets in about how many things I have! I would think it helps though in terms of honing a look.

    @Charlie: Thank you sweetie!

    @PeachBellini: That made me laugh. I know what you mean though. I do find putting on a bit of lippy always makes me feel better!

    @Steph: I really like it, I think the shade might not be absolutely perfect but I really like the finish and coverage. It’s on offer in Boots at the moment so it’s definitely a good time to buy!

    @Nina: Thank you, I really appreciate your thoughts. I was worried it looked a little bit off somehow. I really love the Suqqu palette and often take this with me if I need to do my make up on the train. It was nice to try something different with it though. I’m pleased that it’s inspired you to pull it out :)

    Your planning in advance sounds like a very good idea. I really ought to start doing something similar. Leaving my decisions until the morning is not wise!

    @WelshBeautyBlog: As I mentioned in my tweet, I went for the second shade (52 Vanille). I just decided that as I’m #2 or #20 in everything it was worth a shot! It’s maybe a touch too pink but I think it actually looks more noticeable in the photo than in person. I’m NC20 in MAC foundations too.

    @OxfordJasmine: Thank you! I’m very pleased with the Healthy Mix, it’s a lovely finish. I was pretty lucky with the shade as I didn’t get opportunity to test it properly (I had the entourage with me!). I’m still quite interested in the Face Atelier foundations you posted about, I love that you can get samples. I’m very pleased I picked out the Suqqu quad too, I like the selection of colours.

    @Replica: Thank you! I’m the same in terms of trying to rotate. I worry things will get ignored otherwise! I do think, as I said to Nina, that I should plan it the night before. I’m not a morning person and it can be a struggle trying to work out what I’m actually going to put on!

    I saw the new organic foundation but couldn’t spend too long looking as I had 2 and 3 with me! I’d like to know more about it. Someone did tell me they’d tried it but been disappointed. I could tell it had a slightly different finish to the Healthy Mix. I think I need to do some more investigating!

    Thanks for all of your comments,
    Jane x

  11. Rude is my favorite illamasqua cream blush - I think I use too much though, it looks lovely and subtle on you, what do you use to apply it? xx

  12. It is lovely! Mostly I just dot it on and blend with my fingers. Sometimes I will dot it on and use a 109 but I found I couldn't use the brush straight in to the pan as it picked up too much colour at once. I hope that helps xx

  13. you look really beautiful in this picture (not that you dont in every other one of course!) but I love your skin and you just look so fresh and pretty. It's a great look :)

    I'm using the same foundation at the minute and really like it because it just gives a fantastic finish!

  14. Jane, that blush and lip combo is to die for on you!! Reminds me I need to bust out my Rude cream blusher soon. Coral can totally be autumn if you think of it as an orange :)

  15. i like the golden tuape, the blusher, actually everything :)......ur skin is just so great absolutely clear, and such as peach and cream complexion u look beautiful :)

  16. @All Made Up: Thanks you sweetie, you can com again ;). I agree, it’s a lovely finish.

    @MLBB: Thank you so much :D. Rude is a lovely blusher, I have a huge fondness for Illamasqua blushers. You’re right too, orange is definitely autumnal, I like your thinking!

    @Rentu: Thank you for visiting. You are very kind. I’ll definitely pair the gloss and blusher again.

    Thanks for all of your lovely comments,
    Jane x

  17. I love that look on you! so glad you can get suqqu on ASOS now...

    and RMK! woop. x

  18. No Suqqu on ASOS (I wish it were though) but yes, you can get RMK on there which is great. Thanks for you comment.
    Jane x


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