Friday, 29 October 2010

Oxford Jasmine in the Friday Confessional

This week Oxford Jasmine is paying a visit to the Friday Confessional. Jasmine is a very lovely lady and I can't possibly imagine she has any beauty sins to share. I suppose I better prepare myself!

Confession is good for the soul, go ahead and unburden yourself! I promise I won’t judge..

•   I like growing my eye brows for as long as I possibly can then marvelling at how neat they are when I thread them!

•   I bought three candles this week from Jonathan Ward Candles fully intending to give them as Christmas presents, now I am not so sure I want to part with them.

•   I haven’t brushed my hair in two days (I wear it back in a plait and work from home, no one needs to see my hair)

•   I have a week off work next week fully intending to blog and video, knowing full well that I will find myself shopping or eating out instead.

•   I have the biggest pile of paper shredding to do and I have done nothing but ignore it or glance at it forlornly all week.

•   My nails are flaking and I need to stop wearing nail varnish but I am practising new techniques on them every day.  Something is going to give soon and I will be saying I told you so to myself!

•   Driven to extremes, I considered buying an at home laser system costing £1500!  Facial threading anywhere other than eye brows and ahem tache causes me to break out in horrible cystic acne! I have come to my senses and am considering going back to a qualified professional!

•   I have not been wearing SPF30 Sunscreen as much as I should.

I hope you feel better now, five *Hail Mary Quants ought to do it. Let's hope you managed to be productive on your week off, though Aunty Brown knows you must have been out shopping at some point this week....


If you would like to take a turn and unburden yourself in the Beauty Confessional you can email me at It's open to everyone: if you have something to confess, I'm happy to hear it!

 *I can't take credit for this gem. Many thanks to WelshBeautyBlog for coining the phrase, Aunty Brown will have to all hailing Mary Quant in no time.


  1. I'm with you on the sunscreen! I've been so bad for not wearing any and I'm so conscious of it. I keep telling myself 'I have black skin I'll be ok today', but on the other hand I'm a beauty therapist so I know I should be slapping it on as prevention is better than cure! I've been so bad :-) xxx

  2. I'm looking forward to your confessions BQ ;) x


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