Sunday, 24 October 2010

Make Up Storage and Rambling

I'm feeling a little sorry for myself today. I have yet another cold and the clutter in the house is making me grumpy. On this occasion, I can't blame the clutter on everyone else as it's seems I'm also a major offender. My make up and skincare is spilling out of my bedroom. When I first started blogging, I posted about my Beauty Box storage. I'm ashamed to say that it's almost full now and I have stuff piling up on my bedside table, stuffed in several make up bags and in random bags at the bottom of my wardrobe. I even have rogue bottles of nail polish dotted about downstairs. I can't ignore it anymore and I need to take some action.

I had been looking at some Muji storage a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately, the lovely desktop storage I was looking at would only really help with the small make up items and I need something for skincare items too. When I was in Selfridges last week, I spotted this lovely Muji storage tower. I have a terrible feeling I would fill it instantly though and have no room for growth. I think what I actually need to invest in is this unit from Argos. It's not as attractive as the Muji but if it's going to live in my wardrobe, I don't suppose it really matters. Plus, the Argos storage comes with four plastic shoe boxes which will be handy for organising some of the childrens' toys.

In other news, I went to Milton Keynes yesterday to do some shopping. I managed to completely resist buying any make up for myself, hurrah! I still couldn't find any Dusky Mauve nail polish despite the size of the Barry M stands in Superdrug and Boots. This colour is like gold dust. What I did spy was the new Guerlain Les Ors collection. I swatched both of the Rouge G lipsticks that were on the stand but I think only Bee (B64), the stunning dark violet, is actually part of the collection. I was interested to see the eyeshadow palette in person. I love everything in the quad with the exception of the gold (yes, I know it's a gold collection but I'm contrary). I'd hoped that it might be less yellow in the flesh but swatching it, I know it's absolutely not a colour I would wear. Very good news for the spending ban!

So, what have you been up to this weekend? Have you been shopping? Did you spot anything nice? Feel free to share your storage tips too. I'm hoping to spend this afternoon sorting it all out!


  1. my makeup is all over the place too, have it in three different rooms at the moment, perhaps this is why I can never find things! I want some large thing with drawers I can put on my unit but it needs to be lockable, haven't found anything yet.
    I'm glad you have said it was a yellow gold as I can wipe that off my list! I like the look of Bee from what I have seen online but wonder if it would turn fuscia ?
    I only bought a Laura Mercier hand cream this weekend, it really stinks, ugh! x

  2. I could use a couple more Muji desk top drawers... I also need something for my nail varnish collection, maybe the muji tower? The argod would do but it'd be on display... hmmm.

  3. Hi Replica, I imagine lockable storage would be quite hard to find. You'll probable be best hunting for jewellery storage which is more likely to have locks, it's just whether or not you could find something big enough. Mini filing cabinets again might be lockable but they're usually quite utilitarian.

    The LM hand cream doesn't sound appealing! I have a mini Eve Lom hand cream which is also on the stinky side.

    I don't think Bee would turn fuschia, it swatched as a deep purple on my hand. I suspect you might find it too dark though, it is quite pigmented and seemed a similar colour to the dark Armani lipstick I was wearing. I wish I knew which other Rouge G they had on the stand it was a pretty colour and much more sheer.

    Hi Charlie, I still might get some of the desk top storage. It's very nice and quite pratical for make up. I think the Muji tower would be perfect for under your dresser. It's very slender so you wouldn't have the worry of it being too close to the radiator. I really like how it looked and might still get one for the bathroom.

    Jane x

  4. I love the Muji storage but I have something similar to the Argos drawers for a variety of things including skincare and it has made it a whole lot easier to find things and be organised in the room. I find the cardboard stationery drawers that you can get in WHSmith also useful for makeup storage. I hadn't bought anything for 2 weeks but yesterday I bought several makeup items. I am declaring that my last makeup haul of 2010 (fingers crossed:)

  5. I am also guilty of my makeup making a bid for freedom out of my bedroom. Downstairs is fairly clutter free but upstairs pretty much every surface is covered, especially windowsills, a nightmare for dusting! My theory is if I don't see it, I won't use it so it's good for it all to be visible. My justification for being untidy.

    Did you find the Rouge G to be a lot better than other lipsticks of that price range? I have heard a lot about them on American blogs but can't get to a counter in person, must buy online. Did you think they justified the hype around them?

    Well done on sticking to your ban and resisting the lure of the makeup counters

    Jennifer X

  6. Eurgh, I have been having a major cluttered related stress all weekend because of packing up the flat for moving. I keep asking myself why I haven't been more organised as it would make moving a helluva lot easier. Once I see what space I've got in the new flat (I haven't actually seen it yet- the boyfriend picked it) I'll get myself more organised. Well, that's what I'm telling myself anyway. Let us know what you end up picking xx

  7. How odd! I actually spent yesterday shopping for new storage for my makeup and skin care stuff (brought my flatmate with me and he didn't seem to enjoy it nearly as much as I did!)

    I dont have a huge amount of space so got a mini version of the one you've linked from argos for actual makeup and then a teensy set of drawers for all my eye pencils/liners etc. I think it's difficult to get the right size cos if the drawers are too big it's a nightmare to dig through and find anything and you always end up forgetting what you have.

    Looking forward to some pics when youve got everything reorganised! :)

  8. I bought the little drawers I twitpiced the other day at Asda and they had bigger ones too - all different sizes. Think the most expensive set was only £12. I fricking love organising! xx

  9. I think storage of any kind is just a yawn - I get so far and then feel my eyes closing, or worse I get sidetracked and start mucking about with stuff and the next minute it is 6.00pm and there is nothing for dinner. Perhaps I need to hire someone and come and organise me. Jan x

  10. I suppose I'm rather spoiled on the storage front...I have hijacked the most lovely (AND huge) art deco dressing table with massive drawers from my mother-in-law's home. It now holds everything from my makeup to my voluminous costume jwellery. As for skincare, I store it in the bathroom cabinets (yeah, I know all about humidity etc etc, but I only have a finite amount of space...).

    As to the Guerlain Rouge G you've been wondering about Jane, I think it might have been the rouge G B62 in Betsy. Best Things in Beauty mentioned it and I'm sure I've seen the same reference on other blogs as well. I only saw the Rose de la Reine which, although very nice, I thought was just too sheer.

    Nina x

  11. @Meeta: It’s funny you should mention the WHSmith stationary drawers. I have been looking at them too. They have a stationary sale on at the moment and have some good prices on the small drawers. I still might get something like that for my smaller items.

    @Lipstick Luvvie: I agree, that if it’s too tidied away you run the risk of never using it. The big draws should help me though as I can actually see everything. I only swatched the Rouge G so I really can’t say how it compares to others that I have. However, I do have a Kiss Kiss lipstick and that is a lovely formula. I’m tempted my the Rouge G’s for packaging though, I won’t deny it! A lovely texture would just be a bonus ;). That’s a terrible admission I know!

    @Primp and Preen: I feel your pain about clutter and packing. Even when you think you’ve got rid of all of the excess, it’s still amazing to realise how much ‘stuff’ you actually have. Moving is the ideal time to rationalise what you have though and get new storage and furniture for you new place. I went for the Argos draws for now. They’ve tidied up all the skincare and haircare nicely.

    @All Made Up: Great minds and all that ;). I really like the idea of a mini draw system for my make up which is why I looked at the Muji systems to start with. The one I got has been really handy for my large bottles of skincare, shampoo etc. I think I’ll need extra containers though to make sure pencils and nail polishes are easier to access. It’s not photo worth just yet. It feels a lot neater though.

    @La: I love Asda, I really wish we had one nearby. I used to live close to a huge Walmart Asda, it had everything you possible ever want. I miss it so much *sob*. I’m not a natural born organiser but it feels so much better when I don’t have clutter in my room.

    @lipstickmama: Lol, I think you can hire people to de-clutter your home. I couldn’t let some else do it though! As much as I’m not naturally organised, I can’t let anyone else try and organise my make up! It’s bad enough when the small people fiddle ;)

    @Nina: Your dressing table sounds amazing! A much more elegant way to store your make up compared to my plastic draws! I do store quite a bit of stuff in my bathroom too, though it’s mostly in baskets so that’s probably worse in terms of humidity. At the moment we’re too nervous of attaching anything to the walls as they’re all plasterboard. Very annoying!

    Yes, I’ve seen other people mention other Rouge G’s in the stand. It was nice but very sheer in comparison to Bee. Have you heard about all the Le Metier events going on from next Friday? Will you be going along to any of them?

    Thanks for all of your comment,
    Jane x

  12. My beauty products now take up a whole room. I don't know what to do! The white unit looks quite nice, but I'd need about four or five of them! Mr is getting extremely cross. I may post pictures soon..of products, not of Mr getting cross...

  13. I bet yours would look the the YouTube video Sam Pixiwoo once did of her collection. She had about four or five wider versions of the plastic units. You should do a post. I can sypathise with the issue of the Mr getting cross. However, next time he gets upset, you can remind him that it isn't the norm to conduct important business phone calls whilst still in bed either ;).

    The Muji storage is really nice, it gets expensive when you need several though. I know I should probably try and streamline the growing pile. Probably isn't happening anytime soon though! x

  14. Hi Jane,
    I think I may end up with only one of the other lipsticks from the Guerlain holiday collection by the sounds of it, there is meant to be a really nice shade of the Rouge G called Betsy which is our sort of thing, so may have to try and pick that up x


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