Monday, 11 October 2010

Candle Lust

Because I'm on a make up spending ban, it inevitably leads me to look for other ways to treat myself. Life in the Modesty Brown household has been extremely stressful for the past couple of weeks. I find the idea of beautiful scents in the home really appealing and I think it's an ideal way to de-stress. I've been lusting after some amazing luxury scented candles recently and wanted to tell you about them in case you hadn't come across them before.

I first came across the Connock London Kukui Oil range through Lady of the Lane's posts. It was the candle that really stood out for me. The candle is described as being 'infused with the sensual, exotic fragrance of Hawaiian flowers. Floral notes of Gardenia and Jasmine blend into a warm, woody, sultry base'. I imagine myself lighting this once the children have been tucked up in bed and letting my imagination drift off somewhere more exotic.

I was also excited when Charlie mentioned that the candle scents the room even when unlit. As much as I like rooms to smell nice, I'm not happy to use plug in fragrances with small people around. So this sounds like an ideal alternative. It certainly looks far more appealing, I'm sure you'll agree!

My other candle lust is reserved for Jonathan Ward Candles. I've read some wonderful reviews of these candles and it really peaked my interest. Not only do the smells sound amazing, I love the ethos of the brand. They are committed to sustainable and environmentally sound manufacture process, even the packaging is held together using origami folds rather than using resin or glue. This is something I appreciate a lot. The candles are also made with 100% organic wax base.

There a five different candle collections, the most recent being the Amber Collection launched this month. Of the three candles in this collection, I think Idina's Locket appeals the most with it's soft feminine amber layered over peppery rose description. I also love the sound of Walk in Machu Picchu, described as a dark pink vanilla butterscotch. It sounds sumptuous and as I'm unlikely to ever visit Machu Picchu in person, I'm happy to take a journey up the mountain of my imagination with this rich scent as company.

I think candles make lovely gifts (husband, please take note if you are reading) and really perk up my evenings when the dark nights set in. Are you a fan of scented candles? Do you have any particular favourites?

Connock London products are available from, Fortnum and Mason, and Urban Retreat, the candle is priced £36.80. Jonathan Ward Candles are available from their website as well as Wholefood stores and other selected stockists. Candles cost £20 for 185g and £30 for 240g.


  1. I am also lusting after some sumptuous candles, they can transform a room in my opinion - lovely choice !

  2. I also love candles, take a look at The Body Shop candles, they smell gorgeous!


  3. oh yes - that Connock London one is very lovely, would also love to try the JW ones! xx

  4. Oh lovely, I'm pretty much obsessed with nice candles. I hate the smell of artificial air fresheners - including the candle ones, they just smell so chemical and they catch on my throat - so its nice to get one fragrant enough to give off its scent even when its not lit. Thanks for this. x

  5. I am from the US and found your lovely blog! The images on the site are great. My wife also shares your love for makeup and recently has developed scented candle addition. She prefers wickless candles though, no flame and safer in the home. She loves to buy Scentsy Products

  6. these all look delicious

    And the fact that they scent the room even unlit is wonderful. I usually use semi-melted candles in my dresser. They don't really make clothes smell better, but they wipe out that "closed" air scent that out-of-season clothes get :D.

  7. I love love love candles! I've got them dotted all over the house, even the kitchen. I'm also pining after some JW candles, but I need to go smell them first. I'm sure I'll walk out with a handful. I recently discovered Tocca candles and they too are divine!

  8. @Bettina: I agree, I think you a home much more inviting with beautiful smells.

    @Jess: Thank you for the suggestion. I have bought the body shop candles as gifts but never had one myself!

    @Charlie: Thanks for introducing me to the products! These are firmly on the Christmas list.

    @MissisG: I love it when the scent is there even when it’s unlit. I’ve had some Yankee Candle bits in the past, some I like but others are too artificial smelling for my tastes. Both of the Connock London and JW ones sound like they’d really suit.

    @Nate: Thanks for your comment.

    @Iulia: That sounds like a lovely idea. It’s lovely to have a pretty scent in draws sand cupboards rather than that ‘shut up’ smell. Thanks for following too :)

    @Bella Queen: I bet your home smells delicious! I went in to Wholefoods a couple of weeks ago and was gutted that I’d missed a chance to give them a sniff! I shall be making up for it course. I’ll look out for Tocca too x

    Thanks for all of your comments and suggestions,
    Jane x

  9. They do look really nice, I always like the idea of candles, buy the expensive ones thinking they will be better and then can't smell them, I do really like the diptyque one I have though. I don't tend to use them much anymore though as we have run out of places to put them so that they are out of reach of my little grabby man x

  10. Yes! I love candles and most nights once the kiddies are in bed I light the candles and turn on our lamp and set the mood, they are so relaxing especially when you've been running around all day after 2 little ones!

    My new favourite candle has to be by Victoria Moore! This isn't just any candle but a massage candle and smells divine! Very similar scented to how you described Connocks Kukui Oil candle. I reviewed Victoria Moores candle on my blog last month so pop along for a nosey if you like :) x

  11. You know exactly where I'm coming from about reclaiming the night time for the grown ups! The Victoria Moore candle sounds lovely. Thanks for the recommendation x


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