Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Make Up from the Sheer Cover Review

I was quite pleased with the make up I was wearing in the Sheer Cover video. I decided to repeat it so I could share with you what I was wearing. Below are all of the items I used with the exception of Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation and Rose Lanolips under the lipstick.

Le Métier de Beauté Blonzer, Edward Bess Night Romance lipstick and Compact Rouge in Island Rose

Swatch of Le Métier Blonzer (Maldives Magic)

Bourjois Healthy Mix in Vanille
RMK Super basic liquid concealer
MAC Studio Finish concealer
Le Métier de Beauté Blonzer in Maldives Magic
Edward Bess Compact Rouge in Island Rose

Edward Bess lipstick in Night Romance

(Apologies for my face looking a completely different colour to my neck in these photos. Ooops!)

Shu Uemura brow pencil H9  Seal Brown
Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Eyeshadows all from the Guerlain Rue de Passy palette
Bisque (bottom lift) over the mobile lid
Taupe (bottom right) in the crease

Beige (top left) to blend out above the crease
Rouge Bunny Rouge Raven Glaze lacquer liner
Hourglass Film Noir mascara


  1. I have Night Romance lipstick too - it's a gorgeous shade. Lovely pictures!

  2. I looked at your swatch before I hit purchase for Night Romance :D. I'm much obliged to you! I love it!

  3. It's good to see the Guerlain getting some use despite the disappointment of it. You do look lovely xc

  4. Night Romance looks beautiful! x

  5. Is that bronzer matte? Looks lovely, like cocoa powder =) x

  6. Very beautiful fresh look - love the cheeks, something I can never achieve without looking as if I have run a marathon. Very lovely. Jan x

  7. @Charlie: Thank you. I have to use it on principle ;). Seriously though a couple of the colours are not the most wonderful texture/pigmentation but overall it’s is a nice palette. If I spotted any of the others on sale I’d definitely get another.

    @Nicola: Thank you, I really love Night Romance lipstick.

    @Karleigh: It’s strange because it has obvious sparkles in it but I wouldn’t call it though. That swatch was a single swipe! It’s a very soft texture, cocoa powder is a good description. I haven’t found it too dark though which is great.

    @Michelle: Thank you so much. I was a day for the big guns!

    @Jan: Hi Jan, it’s so nice to see you back :), I have to go steady with Island Rose because I can easily make myself look like I’ve exerted myself! I actually found it easier to wear with a spot of bronzer.

    Thanks for the reading and commenting,
    Jane x

  8. You look so autumnal...does that make any sense lol that's the first thing I thought when I saw the eyes and lips! Gorgeous x

  9. Thank you! Yes, that makes sense. I love this time of year for all the deeper colours. I do like a darker lippie :D xx


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