Monday, 18 October 2010

Betty Hula Products

When I first came across Betty Hula products I was extremely interested to try them. It was the promise of exotic Hawaiian Scents that did it, like the Connock London Kukui Oil Candle, I'm always drawn to exotic scents. When I was offered some samples to try I jumped at the chance.

The products are made with natural, fair trade ingredients such as Shea Butter, Aloe Vera, Coconut Oil, Cocoa Butter and Vitamin E. I received samples of the Kiwi and Lime Moisturising Cream and "The Secret" Anti-Aging Oil.

The Kiwi and Lime Shea Butter smells absolutely divine. I would describe it as a sherberty, citrus scent. I feel compelled to sniff myself often when I've put it on! The butter has a quite a light, creamy texture but it feels highly moisturising on the skin without feeling greasy. My sample wasn't big enough to do a full body trial.

I have been using the Anti-Aging oil for a couple of weeks. I have been applying to my face at night. It's a very rich oil blend and I found I had to miss out a moisturiser afterwards. For my skin type (normal to combination) I think this was a little too rich to use as a facial oil. I feel it is more suited to drier skin types. I have discovered that it is beautiful for pampering my very dry hands though and will definitely be using it for my hands any other problem areas over the winter months.

I'm undecided as to whether or not I would buy these products. The moisturising cream costs £17.99 for 120ml (most body moisturisers are 200ml) and the anti-aging oil is £19.99 for 50ml. The packing is lovely and I think the moisturiser smells beautiful but the bottom line is that these products are more expensive per ml that many other similar products. Having said that, there are frequently discount codes and offers available. Plus, if you are going along to the Clothes Show Live, Betty Hula will have a stand there and will be offering lots of deals on all of their products.

Diclosure: These samples were provided free of charge for review purposes.


  1. nice review! Never even heard of these products before but if I spotted them in a shop I'd definitely be sucked in by the gorgeous colours and packaging. Sounds a tad too expensive for what you're getting though so I shall stick to my good old Body Shop stuff :)

  2. Thank you for your fab review and as a special thank you to you and all your readers -
    Get 25% off at by entering BHB25 at checkout.

    Hope to see some of you at the Clothes Show Live where we will have some fantastic offers for you!

    Love Betty x

  3. I'd never heard of this either, I like the look of it though the packaging is cute! :)
    Good of them to offer the discount too, off to have a look at the website! xxx

  4. @All Made Up: The packaging is lovely and the smell of the Kiwi and Lime was so yummy. With the discount Betty has posted I think I might have to make a purchase. For a Christmas present of course ;). I must remember the spending ban!

    @Betty Hula: Thank you so much Betty, the discount code is great. I hope you have fun at the Clothes Show Live! I spotted the Hemsworth address on the envelope. Is that where you are based? I grew up near Eggborough so not far away at all!

    @Real Girls Beauty: It is a great discount. The packaging is lovely, very good for Christmas pressies I think.

    Thanks for you lovely comments,
    Jane x

  5. Hi Jane,

    Thank you, we can't wait for the Clothes Show!

    Yes currently based in Pontefract, so not too far from Eggborough; know a few people who work at the Power Station there!

    Thanks again for your fab review, we always look forward to finding out what people think of the products and packaging.



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