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My MAC lipsticks

For one reason or another, I don't seem to buy as many MAC products as I used to. This doesn't mean to say that I don't reach for the items I already have on a daily basis. I have quite a few lipsticks and remembering how much time I spent pouring over lipstick swatches in the past, I thought it might be of interested to share some swatches of my collection. All of the pictures in this post can be clicked to enlarge.

Barely Lit, Hue, Blankety, Hug Me, Patisserie
Syrup, Cosmo, Up The Amp, Plum Dandy
Patisserie, Hug Me, Blankety, Barely Lit, Hue
Plum Dandy, Up The Amp, Cosmo, Syrup

Lip swatches 

I thought it was very interesting when I looked through my collection that almost all of the lipsticks are either Lustres or Amplified Creams. I do like the Lustre formula very much for the moisturising feel of the lipsticks. I like the Amplified Cremes for the pigmentation but these aren't the most moisturising and my lips tend to feel a little dry after a days wear.

I shall start with my bare lips for reference. I was actually a little shocked by the lack of pigment in my lips these days. I still think of them as being quite pigmented but it seems that they are losing some of their natural rosiness with age.

Barely Lit was one of my first MAC lipsticks and it was a limitied edition from the Smoke Signals collection . It's a Lustre finish and the colour is a peachy, bronze nude colour. It's a nude that I can actually get away with as some of my natural colour peaks through.

I have shown you Hue before. I do worry that it is too light for me but it is a pretty pale pink. It's the only Glaze that I own. I do find it hard to cover up my natural colour with the lipstick and I tend to wear this with a lipgloss as I feel better able to carry off the colour that way.

Blankety is a dark nude on me. It's quite brown in tone which I like. It's an Amplified Creme and is richly pigmented. I find it easy to cover my natural lip colour with this except for very centre of my bottom lip. I often wear it with Bare Necessity Dazzleglass for a glossy nude lip.

Patisserie is the latest addition to my lipstick collection. This is another Lustre finish. I find it's quite similar to Hug Me but it has sparkles and is a bit glossier in finish, it's a little darker too. I know I'll get a lot of use from this as it's a lovely everyday shade.

Hug Me is a real favourite of mine. It's a nice, flesh toned pink. The Lustre finish makes it a very comfortable lipstick to wear. I reach for this whenever I want a lipstick that adds colour without making a big statement.

Whenever I have photographed Syrup the colour comes out a bit 'wrong'. To me this is slightly darker and less pink than the photo suggests. It is another Lustre finish. I like the colour but don't reach for it as much as I should.

I am very fond of Cosmo (I also seem to pick a lot of similar colours as I explained in this post). It's an Amplified Creme which MAC describes as Pink Coco. I think of it as being quite a rosy colour. However you would describe it, for me it an easy to wear, my lips but better sort of shade.

Up The Amp is another of my Amplified Cremes. I apologise for the sloppy application, you get a a bit blaze once you've got to the 8th lipstick swatch! I like this colour very much, it's violet purple shade which on paper sounds like it would be difficult to pull off, yet I find it totally wearable. It's not a colour I wear everyday but when I'm in the mood for something different, I'll pull this out.

This lipstick was part of a Christmas set that also included Angel (I gave up trying to make Angel work for me long ago!). It's the only Frost I own. It's quite an unusual shade, it's plum with a bronze frost. It's probably the lipstick equivalent of Trax. I admit the last time I wore this was Halloween last year. It's rather a good witchy colour on me. Make of that what you will!

I have had other MAC lipsticks, both successes and failures. The great successes were Modesty (Cremesheen) and Viva Glam V (Lustre) which are the only lipsticks I have ever used up. The failures were Creme d'nude, Angel and Girl About Town. In fact GAT wasn't really a failure. I like the colour but it's a very bright pink, almost neon and I wore it so rarely it was re-homed.

I hope the swatches are useful. Are you a fan of MAC lipsticks? Am I missing any must haves? Just for future reference you understand. I mustn't forget the spending ban!


  1. Great swatches I don't have any of these ones unfortunately, though think I may have my eye on patisserie now :)

  2. I never wear lipstick (sometimes gloss) so I was surprised to find that I really liked some of these colours - Patisserie and Hug Me are my favs! (Never know, one might make it's way onto my Xmas list!!)

  3. These look great, particularly like Blankety on you. Don't do lipstick as a rule any more, tend to prefer sheer rather than opaque and find thats better with gloss, love love love nude lips but they look spectacularly awful on me!

  4. Syrup and Blankety are my faves from that lot. Gorgeous!

  5. I am going to do a similar post sometime in the future - I have no success with MAC lipsticks at all :-( and Syrup which is meant to be a suits-all-looks-great colour also goes "wrong" on me. Thanks for a great post and helpful pics, one that is quite good (note the quite!) is Naked Paris - a sort of light plum with gentle glitter. Jan x

  6. I love mac lipsticks. Check high tea, I think you would like it. Lovely swatches!

  7. Barely Lit is gorgeous! Looks like my favorite type of shade :)

  8. Nice collection! :) The swatches were really helpful !! :) I might get Blankety, it looks so pretty!! :)


  9. I really want Blankety, it's been on my list for a while. I have Up the Amp and it's one of my faves - surprisingly wearable as you say. I wear it with MAC lipliner in Magenta and it's my 'go to' going out lip combo! x

  10. i really like Up the Amp! it's gorgeous ;)


  11. wow, thats a lotta mac lippies! I'm so jealous cos my budget doesnt quite stretch to mac goodies - I'm usually nearer the L'Oreal and Rimmel counters! :)

    The colours all suit you perfectly but I think Plum Dandy and Syrup are particularly lovely

  12. Hue, Hug Me and Cosmo! :)

  13. I love these! I have Angel and love it, but I'm at the point where I've used it all up and need to shell out for another one. Perhaps I should go for one of these instead. Hmmmm...

  14. Beautiful swatches dear! :)
    You have some excellent shades in your collection!!!
    Now I 'm gonna be thinking of Hue, Hug Me and Patisserie (I knew I should have picked it up when euristocrats was launched)!


  15. Lovely post, particularly like the look of Syrup and Barely Lit, Plum Daddy looks tempting too. I've never tried MAC so it's nice to see them laid out like this.

  16. What a lovely collection! I believe I have one MAC lipstick in my stash (a Viva Glam V) and the makeup fairy nicked it. I had quite a few MAC lippies years back but gave most of them away (or they went rancid on me and I let my sister back2mac them for shadows).
    These all look lovely on you- I am particularity drawn to Patisserie and Plum Dandy....

    great post! x jeanie

  17. They are really good pictures Jane, whenever I try and take lip pictures they tend to make me look like I have crazy ultra thin wonky lips,unless of cours that is how they actually are and I have been fooling myself all these years..
    Of your shades I have had 5 of those, I need to do a back to mac thing soon so might pick up Blankety as I like how that looks on you x

  18. @Jadegrrrl: Patisserie is lovely, well worth a look!

    @Nic’s Notebook: I think Hug Me and Patisserie are really easy to wear colours. A Lustre finish would be a good choice for you too if you’re more used to gloss. They feel very light and silky on the lips.

    @Debbie: Blankety is a nice, non-deathly nude! You know I can’t generally pull off that look either ;). Quite a few of these shades are my kind of nudes though (Hug Me. Patisserie etc). They’re not particularly making my lips lighter though which is why I think they work.

    @Charlie: Syrup is really, I don’t know why I don’t use it more!

    @Jan: I look forward to your post. That’s interesting that Syrup is recommended as a suits all shade because I can easily see it not working on some skin tones! I have considered Naked Paris before, I like Plummy colours. I shall swatch in next time I’m near a counter.

    @Kelsey: Thank you for suggestion. I’ll have a look at High Tea :)

    @Makeup Magpie: Barely Lit is lovely, it’s a shame that it was a limited edition. It’s always the way though!

  19. @Stavroula: I’m so pleased you found it useful. Blankety is really nice, definitely worth a look when you’re passing a counter.

    @Chicky Spouts: Up The Amp is great isn’t it? Thanks for mentioning Magenta lipliner, I think I could really make use of that. I shall add it to my post ban list!

    @Eva: Up The Amp is a great colour. I love the fact that it’s a change from the norm yet totally wearable.

    @All Made Up: They have sort of accumulated over the years. I got Barely Lit just before my 3 year old has born. I’m glad you think the colours suit me, as I mentioned I have parted company with some that didn’t work with my colouring.

    @Jo: Thank you!

    @dempss01: I’m jealous! I think Angel is a lovely colour, I tried so hard to make it work for me but it just doesn’t like me! It’s worth a play to see if you might like a change. Hug Me or Patisserie could be a good choice for you or maybe Hue if you’d like something more similar to Angel. Let me know what you go for!

  20. @tina_mbc: Thank you Tina! All three of those lipsticks are lovely. I find Hug Me and Patisserie are particularly easy shades to wear.
    @Sparklz and Shine: I’m glad you found it interesting. I’ve always used these kinds of posts and swatches when picking colours so I really hope it will be helpful to someone else.

    @jv: Hi Jeanie! Viva Glam V is lovely, it’s one I have wondered about re-purchasing. The makeup fairy obviously has good taste! I know I need to start using some of these up before they start go off.

    I used the elf HD powder for the first time yesterday. I love it! Thank you so much again x

    @Replica: Thank you. I seem to find taking lip pictures much easier than eyes. I think my eyes look very odd in photos, they’re hooded and there’s a really strange lizard fold near my inner corner. We all have crosses to bear ;P. Blankety is definitely worth investigating, especially as a b2m.

    Thank you for all of your lovely comments. I’m so pleased you enjoyed the post and swatches,
    Jane x


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