Thursday, 14 October 2010

Barry M Racing Green

I picked this up on whilst I was doing a bit of shopping for a swap. I don't have that much experience with Barry M polishes but having heard great things I was keen to give them a try. Racing Green really appealed to me and it caught me as looking very similar to Viridian from Illamasqua's current Art of Darkness collection.

I hope you will forgive me for putting so many pictures in this post but I love the colour. It's a beautiful, shimmering emerald green. It goes on easily, the brush is easy to use and I liked the consistency. In these pictures, I'm wearing two coats and Seche Vite top coat. I'll just let the pictures to the talking now.

With Flash

PS. Sorry for the sloppy application. Camera close ups are very unforgiving!


  1. I keep seeing this all over the blogging world - I need to try this! :)


  2. Gorgeous Colour...Great choice!!

  3. Oooh that really is stunning!

  4. Very pretty and glossy, I think I'll grab it for St. Patrick's day!
    Kat x Click&Make-Up

  5. I'm a tad obsessed with green at the moment - lots of green eye shadow, nail polish etc and I think this is beautiful.

    Didn't notice it when I was buying Barry M polishes recently (boots were doing 2 for a fiver so I couldnt help myself!)

  6. Have been trying to find this for ages now, but it is always out of stock on the Barry M stands.

    Really love this shade, it makes green very wearable for winter!

    Fee x

  7. Have this and their sparkly navy and sparkly purple, all are lush! On a mission to find their nail art crackle polish tomorrow at the Trafford Centre.

  8. Oooh very nice...great colour for Autumn! The Boots I always go to never has the full range of Barry M nail paints in stock...I'll have to branch out in my search for this one! :)

  9. @Jess: You know, I didn’t realise at all that this had such popularity. I’m so glad I found it, it beautiful and I keep admiring my nails!

    @Steph: Thanks, I really like it.

    @Café Bellini: Thanks, I keep looking at my hands with it on. I agree that it’s a stunning colour.

    @Kat O: It’ll be perfect for St. Patrick’s!

    @All Made Up: I got this on 2 for £5 in Superdrug. It’s was handy that they both had the offer on. I’m having a green moment too, I picked up a deep mossy green from the MUA range at the same time that I bought this.

    @Fee: I had no idea that this was another hard to find shade! It just appealed to me whilst I was searching for the very elusive Dusky Mauve. I’m really pleased I snapped it up now :)

    @Debbie: I might have to investigate the sparkling navy as that sounds beautiful. After the spending embargo is lifted of course!

    @Ms. Wedgie: Thanks, weirdly my small, local Superdrug seems to have quite a lot of the hard to find ones. It’s a really nice colour, I’m very pleased that I got it. You should definitely keep an eye out for it…….for after Christmas of course ;)

    Thanks for all of your comments,
    Jane x

  10. Very pretty, I keep meaning to try a Barry M varnish as keep hearing a lot of good things about them, maybe that will be my first! I saw some nice nail varnishes in Topshop today with their fall/autumn collection, didn't stay long enough to pick any up though as I always feel old and fat when I go in that shop so try and be quick! x

  11. Definitely give them a try. I've been late to the Barry M nail polish party but I love their range of colours. I really want to find Dusky Mauve so I can see if it is a good dupe for Paradoxal!

    I couldn't possibly comment on the Topshop thing. I haven't even been in since the make up range launched. It would make me want to cry, I'm sure! x


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