Sunday, 17 October 2010

Filthy Gorgeous at Debenhams

Filthy Gorgeous is a new beauty service that launches in Debenhams Oxford Street tomorrow. Let me just start by saying, I saw this picture and thought wow!

It's described as an "apothecary and retail emporium that will revolutionise and transform the beauty pampering experience"! There is a full menu of beauty treatments as well as new beauty finds and accessories on sale. They offer treatments such as Minx nails, nail art and eyebrow shaping. They also offer a dry shampoo and hair styling service (curl or straighten) which sounds very interesting and an ideal way to get party ready post work.

All well as the individual services you can pick from one of their three Signature Services. For example the "One Stop Rock Chick" service which takes an hour and includes a hand nail-over, brow shape, airbrush foundation and make-up, hair straighten or curl for £50 .Or if you fancy a pamper with your friends you could book a the "Girlfriends Lounge" and have an exclusive party in a private area (2-6 people). This service includes a nail-over manicure, brow shape and make-up and costs £25 per person.

I can see this is going to be a really popular venue especially as we'll soon be in to Christmas party season. This certainly beats trying to get ready in the toilets at work!

FILTHY GORGEOUS launches exclusively at Debenhams Beauty Hall, Oxford Street Monday 18th October


  1. As soon as I saw that I thought it must have something to do with Natalya from filthygorgeousmakeup! Shame it doesn't really! xx

  2. When I first saw the name I wondered the same thing. Filthy gorgeous immediately makes me thing Natalya! It sounds interesting and I love the way they done the room.

  3. Me too, I thought that she at least deserves a freebie! It looks great fun, perfect for pre party pampers!

  4. Awesome - I'm glad it's appearing right before the Xmas season, like you say it's a much better option than getting ready at work before a night out! Will have to check it out :)

  5. Sounds lovely! Not bad value either! x

  6. such a fantastic idea... I'm sure I'm not the only person who HATES bringing a big bag of clothes and makeup to work and getting ready in the toilets for a night out (though we do actually have showers n such which is handy but just not the same as getting ready at home!)

    I reckon this would be so enjoyable cos it just looks gorgeous and who doesnt love getting ready in really pretty surroundings! :)

  7. @OxfordJasmine: It’d love to see a post about Filthy Gorgeous going to Filthy Gorgeous! I agree it looks like a really fun way to get ready for a party with friends,

    @star_violet: I think it’ll be really convenient for getting ready to go out afterwork. It would definitely beat trying to put my make up on, on the train too!

    @TheBristolBeautyBlog: I agree, the prices are good. I can see it being really popular.

    @All Made Up: It looks like such a lovely venue. I think it would be lots of fun to go along with some friends and get pampered. Whenever I’ve tried doing my make up in the loos, I always end up with a sopping wet make up bag and dropping bits in the sink!

    Thanks for the comments!
    Jane x

  8. It looks lovely......and not hideously expensive either!

    Ali x

  9. Hi Ali! You survived London then? I agree, I think it looks really nice and I intend to pay a visit when I next go to London. I love that it's not prohibitively expensive.
    Jane x


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