Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Sheer Cover Make Up

I received some Sheer Cover items to look at a little while ago. I thought for a change I would do a video review, I somehow imagined it might be easier to see all the items that way but I forget the video quality by the time I upload, you probably can't see much in terms of colour. I do apolgise, I have added some pictures below to give you a better idea of the colours.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy. My voice is still a little croaky and another little person occasionally chips in as you will discover!

Sheer Cover Introductory Kit (plus Highlighter and Bronzer)

Sheer Cover Foundations in Bisque and Nude
Duo Concealer from the Introductory Kit
Pink Highlighter
Sheer Colour Palette
Highlighters from the Sheer Colour Palette

Mocha Eyeliner
Sophisticate Palette


  1. Your 2nd (is that right?) video is fab hun!!! :) I'm still too frightened to do one...I'm still convinced I look like a troll on camera! lol! I love the fact that you can hear your little small person 'helper' having a little squawk in the background...obviously showing some love for your presenting style :)

    I think I'd be the same as you with the whole 'mix it to get your perfect shade' malarky! I'm far to lazy for that!! The highlighters look really lovely though!!

  2. I really liked that little palette thingy. I love the liner and highlighters. xx

  3. ps will watch the vid after kids are in bed!

  4. More! Give us more vids! I don't know what it was that you were not liking about it...I personally thought it was absolutely great, not to mention that I loved your on-screen makeup :-)
    I've never even seen Sheer Cover Makeup, let alone tried it, and the only mineral foundation I ever really got along with is the Laura Mercier one, but these look interesting.
    Thanks for taking the time Jane!

    Nina x

  5. lovely vid! :) enjoyed watching it. you are so pretty!

  6. @Ms Wedgie: Yes, I think it’s only my second proper bloggy one. She was obviously keen to add her view point! The highlighters in the wee palette are very nice. They’re a cream consistency and nice to apply. Mixing, pah? It’s a good idea in theory I’m sure but not for the lazy.

    @Charlie: Don’t expect too much from the video. I have to chop out most of the good bits as I went on for a whole 15 minutes! I did keep the bit about me being Goldilocks of the foundation world though, lol. The Sheer colour palette is very cute and I’m rather attached to the cream highlighters. It’s a rarity for me to find something that doesn’t look dirty on me.

    @Nina: You are too kind. I always feel disappointed at how much quality is lost when I upload to YouTube, I’m pleased you can actually see the make up. Today was a day for mixing up the big brands. On my lips I’m wearing Edward Bess Night Romance, on my eyes I had a colour Rue de Passy on my lids, RBR lacquer liner and hourglass mascara. Cheeks are Le Meiter Blonzer and EB Island Rose. I’ll have to repeat it so that I can take some FOTD photos to share.

    @Get Gawjus: Thank you, your cheques in the post ;). Have fun at Le Metier on Thursday x

    Thanks for your lovely comments, I’m glad you enjoyed my goofing on video!
    Jane x

  7. Urgh, Island rose is killing me...I've drooled over it for AGES and there's no escaping the fact that I NEED it! The combo with the blonzer, which I do have, is stunning!
    Thanks for the breakdown :-)

  8. Wow you are so brave to do a video. Are you wearing the makeup that you are talking about? Your skin looks really dewy (is that word lol) but I think you know what I mean.

  9. @Nina: Island Rose is lovely but I do have to be careful not to go mad. It looked nice against the blonzer though, it looked less stark on my skin. So far, rotating the make up is working well!

    @Skin Scrubs: I think you lose the fear of posting a video after all of the time spent editing! I confess, I'm not wearing the sheer cover in the video. I'm wearing Bourjois Healthy Mix which I'm loving at the moment. It gets the Goldilocks seal of approval! ;)

    Jane x

  10. Great review and enjoyed the video, I can't believe your little one just sat and watched TV, if I ever dared do a video my boy would probably knock me down and take over! x

  11. Loving your video, I just love listening to other people's accents :)

    I have this whole set as you have, well I had shall I say.

    I used it all up and only had to discontinue using it as it turned my whole face so itchy after maybe a few months wear.

    I'd literally put it on and then the itchiness started..

    It was a shame as I really liked it, and found it better cover than liquid foundation (at the time)

  12. Glad you enjoyed it. She spent quite a lot of the time playing under the table and standing up by the side of me. During the editing she sat on my knee merrily bashing various bit of make up about. If the boys had been here there would definitely have been a video invasion! Instead they were getting drenched at a safari park with their grandparents xx

  13. I think you should do more videos, it's lovely! x

  14. Hi Cheeky Beauty! That's very interesting that it's not just me that finds it itchy. I haven't worn it everyday, I'll admit that I'm nervous after what's happened before. I discovered the primer after I finished the video. Can't believe I didn't find it in there before! Did you use the primer when you had it before, did that help or make it worse?

    Hi Rocaille! That's really kind of you. Glad you enjoyed it :)

    Jane x

  15. Awesome review - really enjoyed the video and it was a nice little change to just sit back n watch without having to read (god, how lazy does that make me sound?!)

    I was a tad disappointed because I've seen the adverts for Sheer Cover on the shopping channels and they make it sound like a makeup miracle that will leave you looking perfect! Obviously I was kinda hoping you'd agree and my search for the perfect foundation would be over!

    Not a big fan of mineral products myself and the best ever powder I've come across is the loose powder by Maybelline that comes with a teensy kabuki brush. Looking forward to more videos in future! :)


  16. @All Made Up: It's not lazy, I totally agree. It saved my typing ;). Sorry not to have helped with the hunt for the perfect foundation!

    @Debbie: Aw, thank you. Always nice to have a good hair day :D x


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