Thursday, 28 October 2010

HD Brows

I was really interested when I received the email about HD Brows. I live with the reality TV police so I'd never come across their 7 steps to a perfect brow. I showed a friend the palette and she started going on about Katie Price. I looked it up and indeed it seems that Ms Price and her make artist have trained in the HD brows technique.

They have recently released a brow palette, the powders can also double as neutral eyeshadows. I think the range of colours chosen for the palette are very good. There's a mix of red and more ashy browns as well as a nude, flesh tone shade. I think you could mix the right brow colour for most people from this palette.

From right to left: Carbon, Cocoa, Latte, Gingerlily, Pebble and Bisque

Gingerlily, Pebble and Bisque

Carbon, Cocoa and Latte

I wanted to demonstrate how a few of these shades look on my brows. The picture below is how they look with nothing on.

Naked brow!
It's not obvious from the photo below but I have different shades on each brow. On the right of the picture, I am wearing Pebble, the lightest brown shade. I find this fills in gaps nicely without really adding lots of definition.

Pebble (right brow)
In the picture below, I've applied Latte, a medium ash brown . This is most similar in colour to the Seal Brown eye pencil I usually wear. In close up it looks a like it could have benefited from brushing through. My apologies, close ups leave no room for maneuver!

Below, to the brow on the right of the picture I added the darkest shade on top of the light brown. I was surprised how much I liked the result. It's certainly darker than I'd normally go but I like the added definition. I'm tempted to try a little darker next time!

A mix of the Pebble and Carbon
I prefer to use ashy, grey browns with my colouring but as you can see from the swatches below, the palette has warmer browns too. Bisque, the lightest flesh colour is difficult to see in the swatch for obvious reasons. It is pinky toned and would be good for highlighting under the brow. I have also used this as a base colour all over the lid. I found this palette good for doing softly defined eyes, the browns all make nice crease shades.

From right to left: Carbon, Cocoa, Latte, Gingerlily, Pebble and (hard to spot) Bisque

The palette costs £24.95 plus postage and can be purchased from I do think this a little on the pricey side. At this price point I would expect the packaging to be a bit better or better quality powders. I think a colourless brow wax would have been a great addition to the palette too. However, it is versatile and the colours well chosen and usable.

I'm still intrigued by the HD brows technique and have already looked up local salons that offer the service. I like the idea of having my brows tinted as well as shaped so they look more defined without any effort. I wonder if I'd miss the different options though when I fill them in myself? What's your brow routine of choice?

This palette was send to me without cost for the purposes of review.


  1. These look rather good - much as I love Shu Uemura, I am used to a powder, it is getting the brush right for me and believe it or not I use a Smashbox lip brush! I have the Shavata brow palette, it only has 3 colours but they can be mixed and it has lasted yonks. I must say I am tempted by this - I am paring down my routine to base and brows and one day my aim is brows only! Thanks for the pics and post Jan x

  2. Hmmm not so sure about this one. I'm suspicious about shades that can apparently double up as eyeshadows and I wonder if this is all a marketing ploy to justify the price tag? Cos let's face it, which skin tone needs all those colours? Over half that palette, for example, is utterly unsuitable for my skin tone and I don't really want to faff around in the morning mixing a lot of shades together. These days I prefer something with wax and a powder. I've been through so many brow things and weirdly, just about the only one that doesn't make me look like a freak is the ELF studio brow kit in dark (which isn't that dark at all... the medium one is red and scary btw). Some days I'm tempted to get my brows tinted but I've seen so many horrid results that I'm too scared to try.

  3. @Jan: I found Latte was a good shade for me in a similar way to Seal Brown. If you like powders it would probably work for you. Are you trying to move away from wearing make up?

    @PeachBellini: I meant to say in the post that I thought this would probably be more appropriate for a make up artist. For personal use you would probably only ever need a few of the brow powders. I have a Ruby and Millie set that came with a wax and I really think that's what is missing from this palette. It would have been a welcome addition. I have an ELF brow kit which I haven't tried yet. I look forward to giving that a try too.

    Jane x

  4. That looks like it'd be perfect for a make up artist- so maybe if I ever land my dream job...

  5. Ha probably - I have a wish to be like the rest of my family, get up and go (after a wash of course!), sometimes the wearing of makeup can seem like a real fag, but to go without would leave small children and dogs fleeing in fear!

  6. I'm much too lazy to bother doing anything with my brows other than making sure they're plucked and all the hairs are in one direction! I'm surprised that the powders made such a difference on you... I reckon you're face is more defined and the darker brows are quite striking. So much so that I think I'll do mine this weekend when I'm going out :)

  7. @SweetLikeJelly: I totally agree, this would be ideal for a make up artist. I shall keep my fingers crossed your dream comes true!

    @lipstickmama: I scare people on a regular basis. I quite often fail at doing my face before the morning school run!

    @All Made Up: I think doing your brows make a huge difference. I didn’t do anything with them until relatively recently. I feel naked now if I don’t fill them, it really adds definition. I really ought to show you a full face photo with and without and you’d see what a difference it makes. It’d be interested to know if you gave it a try this weekend.

    Jane x

  8. I really like the difference that the powder made, although I couldn't imagine myself having time to do this every morning! Definitely one I would save for a night out.

    I've recently tried the HD Brow treatment at a local salon and I must say I was very impressed with the difference it made. I’m always keen to try out new treatments but I was initially unsure of how much of a difference the procedure would make. It’s obviously a bit more expensive than standard eyebrow treatment and takes almost 50 minutes to complete - quite a long time compared to that of a normal wax/pluck. I can honestly say it’s worth it. My face instantly looked more framed and I have received several comments about how well groomed my eyebrows looked. I still don’t think the treatment is that well known yet, but I would definitely recommend it to anyone who’s considering giving it a try!
    If you'd like to see how they turned out, I've added some before and after pictures to my blog - I hope they help!

    Jerri, x

  9. Thanks for the link Jerri, your brows look great!
    Jane x


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